Buying a House Leads to Scrambled Egg Brain

Last Thursday morning, I headed off to grad school like any other BGI weekend. Green backpack packed, my computer bag in tow, already missing Matt and exhausted from the late night meeting the night before.

Classes went well, and I was feeling grounded. This weekend was going to be good and my focus was going to be ON!


Friday evening was the start of brain chaos. Before I went to bed I noticed an alert on my email about a new house on the market, so I opened it up. Immediate interest. Since I could not invest too much energy into thinking about it I emailed it to Matt and went to bed. In the morning I broached the subject with him about checking it out without me. He was sleep deprived, and had plans with his brother that afternoon so I did not want to push, but we both agreed that we would regret missing the opportunity to see the house. Since new houses are flying off the market mere hours after being listed, we knew our window was short.

So off to the ferry Matt went. He walked the house with our relator and came back with a glowing report. Half a dozen phone calls later, many details exchanged over text messages, and running budget numbers between classes…we had an offer in and I had not even seen the house!

Needless to say my brain was toast by Saturday afternoon. Or scrambled eggs.

Sunday morning arrived with no emails or news from our agent, and my heart raced all morning. I even had to take some time after breakfast to meditate a few minutes since my heart was beating so rapidly. I needed to calm down.

Class went well, and finally I was home around 1 with the plan to drive to Tacoma for Grandpo’s birthday as soon as Matt got home. I collapsed on the couch confused by some conflicting information and the shear stress of all this information and decisions. Finally Matt came home, and we made the split second decision that I needed to see the house on the way. So off to the ferry we went. In less than 40 minutes we were pulling up to the house.

After walking inside everything clicked. This house was exactly what we had been searching for! Matt was so right when he called it.

We walked all the rooms, walked around the beautiful yard and signed the papers to go under contract.

And then bolted to the Tacoma ferry. This was a new ferry for us, and proved to be a great connection off the island. The water was calm and deep blue, a stunning way to decompress and bask in the excitement of our house situation! We got off the ferry and arrived with just enough time to relax in the hot tub before the birthday dinner.

Stay tuned for more! 🙂


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