Garage Sale Treasures

We woke up Saturday morning too full of birthday cake to want a real breakfast, so Matt and I made coffee and shared a banana before heading out for a garage sale adventure. The annual West Seattle Garage sale started at 9, so we checked the map, put on our sneakers, and around 9:30 headed out to explore the neighborhood on foot. It was a beautiful slightly cool morning, perfect to walk in a t-shirt. We headed south first, finding our first treasure (two bright fabric tablecloths), then found our way headed north. It was a beautiful day so why not walk it all?

Our next find was a pair of cross country skis for Matt (which we put a deposit on since we did not have the cash on hand), some math shape blocks (remember those from elementary school???), a gold watch and finally our crown jewel of the day: an antique bamboo picnic basket like the one Matt grew up with! We still did not have any cash at this point, so we trekked over to the grocery store to pick up dinner stuff…and get cash back. Anything to outsmart the ATM fees! We walked back to the garage sale with the basket, and negotiated the price down to $12! Amazing deal…this one would be $40-$60 somewhere else!

We walked back to pay for the skis, and then finally home. When we got there we realized that we had been out walking for over 3 hours!

The day’s adventure was not over yet! We played a quick game of Carcassonne and then jumped on the ferry to Vashon to check out some houses! Our realtor showed us 4, none fit the bill. We did see a super cool beachfront craftsman that would have been perfect in a different time in our lives. It was just the wrong arrangement of land, and too much work to fix up. Beautiful home though, and really felt good to be in. We are back to waiting for the perfect place to come on the market. Patience 🙂

Dinner was leftover burgers in the backyard. What a perfect Saturday!


One thought on “Garage Sale Treasures

  1. I love neighborhood garage sales so much! Last weekend I went to the ones in Mill Creek, and the Snoqualmie Ridge ones are this weekend which I’ve never been to before and want to check out. I totally remember those math blocks, what a blast from the past!

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