About Lauren

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve (or save) the world and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” – E.B. White


Being born on Halloween set the stage for an exciting life full of adventures. I have moved through 6 states (including St. Croix in the USVI), attended many schools, visited 5 continents and almost all 50 states, have friends scattered all across the globe, and am blessed with an amazing family. My life has always been exciting, and I am driven to keep it that way. As a beach and island girl at heart, I feel truly lucky to have found home on a Pacific Northwest island.

My husband Matt and I enjoyed 3 years of city living in West Seattle, and are now transitioned into our (hopefully) “forever” homestead life on Vashon Island. In 2013 we purchased a beautiful little 1925 home on 0.9 acres, and now have a lifetime of projects planned as we build our dream. We love to travel, build things, blues and swing dance, be outdoors, explore, cook amazing meals, take photos and hang out with our kitties, Alki and Lola. I like brussels sprouts. And dessert. And surfing. And basically anything that includes the ocean or beach.

Current time fillers: raising our little girl (June 2017), major house renovations, beach walks, collecting seaglass, running my Esty shop, farm/house/garden projects, cooking, planning vacations and creating photobooks.

Professionally, I work as a sustainability consultant at a construction and engineering firm in Seattle, and in 2014, received my MBA in Sustainable Systems from Bainbridge Graduate Institute at Pinchot. Matt and I also doing event planning and coordination on Vashon Island through our side company, Silver Platter Events. I am trying my hardest everyday to make the world a better place. For professional networking, please check out my LinkedIn account.

So what’s with the turtle?

I have been asked many time what is the significance of “turtle”…after all, it appears on my blog, my email address, I have one on my car and one tattooed on my ankle. Whenever I am asked the significance it is not a quick and easy answer. Turtles represent many different aspects of my life and me as a person, so I thought I would try to shed some light on it here.

First and foremost, sea turtles were a part of my childhood. Growing up in St. Croix taught me so much about them, and I always just thought they were a really neat animal. I still remember seeing my first leatherback sea turtle come out of the water to lay her eggs. In the moonlight it was like watching a Volkswagen bug come out of the water. Then to watch her go through the magical routine that sea turtles have been preforming for thousands of years: building a nest in the sand for her hundreds of translucent leathery eggs. It is a sight that I will never forget. It is amazing that these females return to the same beach they were born on, year after year, to lay their eggs. It is not like they are just hanging around the corner either. Sea turtles will travel thousands upon thousands of miles through open ocean, circling continents before they find their way back to the beach. But they always come back to the same one.

In that sense I feel that my life parallels that of  a sea turtle. I love to explore and travel to far off places, but I know that I will always come home, in this case, to the Pacific Northwest.

Sea turtles, as an endangered species across the planet, represent a fragile piece of the ecosystem. I am a great believer in finding balance for people and the environment, so taking them into account is important to me. In many cultures, turtle represent wisdom and longevity, two things that a hope to achieve in my life. And then there is always the tortoise and the hare…never give up even if you feel like you are behind!


2 thoughts on “About Lauren

  1. Keep up the great work and life perspective Lauren. You and your fiance may be interested in our summer artful activism, action and organizing camp on Vashon, Aug. 14-21. Attend part or all if you like. More info and registration at http://LocalizeThis.org

    in collaboration and gratitude,

    Bill Moyer
    Backbone Campaign

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