As the author of this blog, I hope that my readers get to know me through my wide array of posts. They are usually just documenting our day-to-day life, parenting, adventures, house remodeling and travels. It may all be written by me, but there are a few other key players that shape this blog that you should probably know a little more about.

Matt (aka Moose) – my amazing husband and best friend

Matt is my tall, dark and handsome other half. He is 6’2″, incredibly sweet, and an amazing cook. We both went to Washington State University, though never crossed paths on campus. He was born and raised in WA State, and is the middle of three brothers. He loves to travel, and lived in Florence for 4 months attending culinary school during college. He is very hard-working, extremely caring, and loves playing with his cat, Lola.

So what is with the nickname? Matt worked a summer cooking in Denali National Park in Alaska, and while up there, bought a sweatshirt with red moose designs repeated across the front. In the middle of all the red moose, there is one white moose. He wears the sweatshirt all the time, and I decided early on that he was the white moose. I called him “Matty Moose” for a while, then just shortened it to Moose. It stuck.

Grain – our baby arriving July 2017!

We are expecting our first child in July 2017! Surprise gender, and we are calling him or her Grain as a nickname during pregnancy. Before we were pregnant, Matt and I would talk about pregnancy by talking about if I was carrying a grain of rice or not yet…and well, it stuck. We cannot wait to meet our little one!

Alki – my crooked tailed, 1 2/3 eared calico kitty

I adopted Alki (named after Alki Beach in West Seattle) from the Seattle Animal Shelter in November 2009. She was my roommate in our cool waterfront apartment. She loves food, snuggling, and is recently addicted to the space heater and laser pointer. She is a sweetheart and good at taking care of you when you are down and need a snuggle. We decided that if she was a person, she would be a fat Italian mafia mama in New York. I love that cat!

Lola (aka Lola-Pola) – Matt’s sweet calico cat

Matt got Lola as a kitten and she is his baby! Yes, she will even sleep under the covers and spoon him during the night. She likes to sleep on our bed under the covers as “Lola the Lump” so check before you sit down! Lola loves going outside and is still learning the ways of the big outdoors (don’t chase hawks Lola!). She is a little skittish if she does not know you, but is a sweetheart if you give her the chance to say hi on her own schedule.

Dude and the Ladies – our flock of chickens

Dude, Helen, Mary, Rita, Belle, Dee Dee and Baja

Our Family


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