Extreme Makeover: Gingerbread House Edition

My company sponsored a gingerbread house contest.

Starting point: boxed gingerbread house kit

The prize: bragging rights and glory! (and $200)

The challenge: to make the best house

Now, I tend to overdo things, so I tried to start out with a plan. Of course I was not going to stick to just the contents of that kit box…oh no, I was going to CREATE a MASTERPIECE! Since my company is a construction/engineering firm, I figured a construction theme would be a good start. Another bonus…if it does not get 100% done that is part of a construction site right!? Brilliant, I know.

I set out with a vision for the basic house (from the box) undergoing an addition. Think stud walls, insulation, roof half missing…oh yea, this was going to be good. Mom and I found some really great supplies over the weekend, but I was not motivated enough to work on the house until Sunday night. I started out with some practice pieces to see how walls made from graham crackers and cut up wafer cookies (perfect 2x4s) would work. I even put  pink marshmallows in the finished wall for insulation. Anyone know the R value of a marshmallow?

Last night Matt and I worked until 10 to finish construction of the epic house. And boy am I happy with the results! It only took two batches of royal icing (thank goodness I bought more powdered sugar!) and it is exactly what I pictured! Personally I think the sawhorse that Matt made brings it all together.

Now it is off to see the competition!


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