December 8 Update

  • We did not win the gingerbread house contest, but were so glad we took the time to make the house exactly how WE wanted it.
  • Matt got a Christmas bonus at work! Woohoo!
  • My teeth feel much better than they did yesterday. Thank goodness. I was a wreck yesterday afternoon.
  • Tonight is my work Christmas party! With LIVE RAINDEER as special guests!
  • Matt’s car is running again…I drove it to work and arrived in one piece…phew!
  • was having a big sale so I got some wedding necessities checked off the list
  • Half my Christmas shopping is done
  • We have NO weekend plans yet. It feels wonderful to have time.

To finish: a few favorite photos from cutting down our Christmas tree. Happy Thursday!


One thought on “December 8 Update

  1. Aw, sorry you didn’t win the contest. Considering how awesome your gingerbread house was, I can’t imagine the epicness that must have been the winning house.

    Enjoy your free weekend!

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