Wedding Planning: Engagement Pictures

Our engagement pictures were schedule for Monday. Monday it poured. Not typical Seattle drizzle, but big drops Not a good day for photos outdoors.

Luckily out amazing photographer Ben was flexible and could reschedule us for Thursday after work, and it was slated for perfect weather. (Check out his blog…we may make it up there in the next few weeks!)

Perfect it was. Last night was about 65 degrees, sunny with a little cloud cover for sky interest, and a beautiful night to be out shooting. The light was amazing, and we made the most out of our 1 ½ hour shoot. I was somewhat of a basket case before the shoot…stressed out about what we were going to wear when (thank goodness you only wear one thing on your wedding day!!!) and Matt was good at calming me down.

We started at home, trying to get some pics with the kitties but that was quickly thwarted and we decided to just stick with the two of us. We took some at home and then headed to “our” park in the West Seattle Junction. We took some great urban shots, got some cheers and lots of onlookers and had a ball! Then after a quick wardrobe change in the Indian restaurant restroom, we went down to Lincoln Park beach for some late evening and sunset shots. Working with Ben was so easy and fun! He took SO many photos (4 gigs before we even left the park!) so I am sure that we will have a million to choose from. The few we viewed on his camera were amazing. His use of light was stunning. Waiting 2-3 weeks for the pics will be hard!!! I am so excited to work with Ben for our wedding. Choosing him as our photographer was the perfect choice.


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