Busy Evenings & Wedding Dreams

It is Wednesday. So far this week has seemed SO LONG. Tuesday got off to a rough start…Matt and I fell asleep before setting an alarm so we did not wake up in time for the bus and I drove him to work…in traffic from a 2 lane closing accident. Long morning. We were scheduled to have engagement photos on Monday, but rescheduled them due to rain. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is as beautiful as the forecast says it will be!

I have been having dreams about the wedding not going well. The photographer not taking pictures, things just going wrong. It makes for some odd night sleeps. We are making headway on the plans and need to schedule a date to go out to Port Townsend for another visit. Possibly with Matt’s parents to show them the site and vision.

Last night was dinner at Grandpo’s…always fun. I want to make the most out of the time that I have with Matt’s last grandparent and hear stories whenever I can.  Tonight is laundry and leftovers for dinner. Then tomorrow is pictures!!! (I had to bump kickboxing out of the agenda because we are losing daylight and need the pics done as soon as possible).

Life is good! October is just around the corner and that means birthday and cider pressing and pumpkins and scarves and boots and leaves and…I could go on. I adore fall. Especially when I have Matt to snuggle up next to stay warm.


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