Celebration Dinner Date

Last night was a date night. And an absoultly outstanding one at that. Matt and I went to La Rustica for our second date a few years back, and have since considered it a special occasion place to go back down memory lane and celebrate special events. That being said, we were worried that our amazing Medeteranin honeymoon meals would spoil out local Italian place. We ate some seriously mindblowingly fabulous meals in all different regions of Italy, and came back pretty spoilt. Would our favorite place in West Seattle live up to the “real thing” in Italy? We made a point to find out. Every spring La Rustica sends out an anniversary coupon that we use to knock $10 off our dinner to celebrate something. Last year we celebrated Leap Day. This year we celebrated my promotion at work.

So how was our date night? Did the food live up to our semtimental attachement AND honeymoon memories?

I am VERY pleased to report that it did. And then some. It was a hard choice of what to order, but both dishes and our appetizer were top notch. We started with Frittelle di Risotto con Mozzarella, (Rice fritters stuffed with mozzarella, anchovies and served with a mild tomato sauce). Great choice. (of course by this time we had already gone through a whole basket of their house made garlic foccocia) We were blown away with the fabulous main dishes we shared, in particular the wild boar cheeks with polenta. It was amazing. We had wild boar in Tuscany and so we naturally had to give it a try in West Seattle too. It was probably one of the top 5 dishes I have ever eaten. Really really good. We also had linguine bolognese with lamb mint meatballs. Can you say stuffed? We were so full by the end of our meal I practically had to roll out the door. Wine by the carafe and a charming, authentic small shared table atmosphere took us right back to our honeymoon. We were in Italian food heaven bliss. At the end of our meal we did decide to order dessert, but in true “us” tradition had it to-go so we could eat it at home. This year we ordered the tiramisu…I would recommend the chocolate ganache cake instead.

Thank you La Rustica. You truly are a gem for the West Seattle culinary experience!