Mi. Si Hike

When it hits 70 in Seattle, no one is indoors…except those of us in grad school who are banging our heads against the wall for accounting homework (and Matt who is at work banging his head against the wall). We are looking forward to grilling up some halibut in the backyard tonight and having a bonfire to celebrate the end of the sunny weekend.

Leading up to our work filled day today has been a great weekend! Matt cleaned house on Friday while I was at work, then we went to our friends Benny and Lana’s house for a great salmon dinner on the deck. Oh it feels like summer!

Taking advantage of Matt’s parents living out towards the mountains, we spent the night there on Friday to get a jump start for a day of hiking. We cooked up a great breakfast feast – grits, eggs, bacon, fruit and scones – and then headed off to conquer Mt. Si.

This beautiful hike is #1 in popularity for Seattlites. It is close to Seattle, but still gets you into the mountains, is easy to access, and is a great workout. 8 miles round trip, with 3000+ ft elevation gain makes it a good challenge, but not impossible. We packed our sandwiches and at lunch at the top with a stunning view of Mt. Rainer. Beautiful, beautiful day.

On the way home we grabbed some groceries, including fresh halibut for dinner (last night and tonight’s!) and had a low key evening at home. What a great weekend…now, back to accounting.


Bridal Shower, Sunshine & Gum Surgery

Spring must be here…we are BUSY! Last weekend we were in Ferndale for my first bridal shower and hanging out with my parents. Saturday was the girl day…lots of chocolate and giggles of me and a bunch of ladies my mom’s age! It was a shower hosted by my mom’s friend Sandy, and none of “my” friends could make it so we just had a ball with the “old ladies”. Sandy hosted a wonderful shower (camping theme!) and we got a ton of cool camping gear. Makes me want to hit the trails just so we can try out our new gear! Matt and Dad went out on the boat with Fred while we opened gifts and ate cupcakes…Matt got to drive the whole time! His first boat experience!

Sunday was only slightly more laid back. It was sunny and warm so after a stick driving lesson for Matt we helped Mom and Dad in the garden. Happy Mother’s Day mama! That elbow grease was in your honor! 😉

Long weekends away leave no time for recovery so Matt and I dove into another work week rested in some respects, but with a messy house and a full agenda for the week. We are really glad it is Friday!

On Wednesday I had gum surgery on two teeth. I have been experiencing receding gum tissue on a few teeth in the last few years and finally it got bad enough to go in for surgery. Matt mom was sweet enough to drive me and then take me home. I have been back at work and hanging in there, but it has been hard to talk and eat. Matt has been very sweet and making me dinner all chopped up into little bits that I can chew without hurting my stiches. I am ready to be back to normal!

Ahhh…Friday! We are looking forward to a weekend of garage sales, fish taco night at our house, and then cooking breakfast for Matt’s mom on Sunday morning. And it is supposed to be 70-80 degrees and sunny all weekend! Woohoo! Welcome spring! Time to get outside!

Why spring is blinding in Seattle

As soon as it hits 50, guys break out the shorts in Seattle (and I put on my Chacos), but when spring offers up the beautiful and rare 60-70 degree weekend, we tend to go overboard a bare lots of blindingly white skin. After months of being hidden by fleece and Gore-Tex, Seattleites show their true color (pasty, muted white) in hopes of catching a few rays and getting a decent dose of vitamin D. I know that this past weekend I was proudly showing off my bleach white arms and legs desperate to add a little color.

Being pasty white does have an easy solution: move to Florida or Hawaii. Tempting, but I have to say that being bleach white here is worth the wait for sunshine. I may be white, but that is a fine price to pay if I get to enjoy a warm sunny day in Seattle. There is no place on earth that beats it.

How did we celebrate this sun filled weekend? Hiking at Wallace Falls:

Braciola, Yard Work and Sunny Weekends

Weekends at our house are usually centered around a few key things: at least one morning of sleeping in, great food, games or a movie night, and squeezing in a workout. This weekend we hit all of these…and even got to work in the yard! It was the first legitimately sunny weekend and we took full advantage of it.

Friday I worked in the yard after work recovering an overgrown and neglected garden bed, and also building a bird fence around my vegetable garden to protect my sprouting seeds. That night we walked to our brand new Trader Joes to see it in it’s opening day glory. Yes, we now have a Trader Joes located an 8 minute walk away from our house. Add 5 more minutes and we are at QFC and the West Seattle Junction. I love being walking distance from our basic needs. Especially when we walk by the gas station and see the prices. Yikes!

Saturday was an early morning for me since Beth and I went shopping. We drove up to Alderwood will the top down on her little Miata soaking in the rays. Meanwhile, Matt was at home making braciola from scratch. Boy oh boy did it smell good when I got home! I am one lucky girl to be marrying my own personal chef!

What was the dinner occasion? We had Martin and Emily over for dinner, and Beth came by with bread and dessert. Great food, great company, and then we played Ticket to Ride. Great Saturday evening.

Sunday we slept in and made toasted steel cut oatmeal. We watched some episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond while we waited for the clouds to burn off. Matt then went to mow the grass and I hit the gym and Home Depot for an assortment of succulents (backup wedding flowers). The rest of the afternoon we just lazed about, then walked to the grocery store and pulled together lunches for the week.

I love sunny weekends.

Sunglasses, Easter, & Baking Naked

What is one SUPER essential honeymoon/vacation item to pack? Sunglasses. Now as a Seattleite I go through sunglasses. Why you ask, would one need sunglasses in this “rains 24×7” place? Well, first of all, it does NOT rain 24×7 (maybe just 23/5×6.5 these days…) and second, when the sun does come out it is glorious and they are needed. The problem lies in those times when sunglasses are just not practical. They get set on a car seat, on the counter, get knocked on the floor…ie scratched, sat on or lost. Yep, sunglasses get replaced a lot in Seattle.

My current pair is from Fred Meyer, a cheapo pair that I like well enough, but they are starting to chip and scratch and the hinges are wearing out. Enter: new sunglasses. I was at Nordstrom rack and came across the massive discount designer rack (uh oh, I should have walked away!) and started trying them on. Low and behold, I fell in love with a snazzy totally-made-for-an-Italian-honeymoon pair. They are classic Coach; vintagey brown, big movie star frames. AND they did no hit my cheekbones (major hurdle for me and sunglasses shopping since nearly ALL frames hit my cheekbones). I happily skipped to the checkout counter and am now the owner of these fine beauties. All ready to pack for Italy in, oh, 4 months!

After heading home with my sunglasses (and while wearing my old standbys…a great decoy to protect the new ones) I got the biggest craving for banana chocolate chip muffins. Matt and I had been talking about making some again. They are a great addition to work lunches and keep him and his sweet tooth from buying cookies at work. So I went home to bake. I cranked on some good old college days music, opened a bottle of wine and away I went. I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say if you have never baked naked, you really should give it a try. Seriously.

Easter is this weekend. We are going to Matt’s aunt’s house for family dinner on Sunday, and I am bringing my friend Beth along as my adopted West Seattle sister. I love including her when she is in town! It should be a fun weekend. Family, food, SUNSHINE (at least in the forecast!). Maybe I will get lucky enough to try out the new sunglasses.

Bathroom Makeover

I finally finished my bathroom makeover! The paint was done a few weeks ago, but the molding needed to be painted, cut and hung. My dad lent me his chops saw and nail gun, but I had not found time to get it all set up to use. This weekend, I made a point to change that. I busted out the extension chord, set up a work station in the deck and made my bathroom look FABULOUS! It is so nice to finally have it done and clean and all the “bathroom stuff” back in there instead of on my kitchen table. Alki was not much fo a help…she decided to jump on top of all the wed painted moldings…well she got immediately scooped up, taken outside and washclothed off. I was glad I caught her before she tracked white paint across the carpet. My apartment is almost back in order.

It was nice having it cooler today. yesterday was a long day in the sun. I went to TNT practice but am not allowed to run since my knee is really swollen. Not fun. I have been icing it alot and resting it but things are not improving. I may need to go see someone if it does not get better by this weekend. After helping at a waterstop for practice I went to the West Seattle Summer Fest to wander around in the sun. After that I biked over to Alki for a BBQ on my awesome purple cruiser bike, then went out to Portage bay for a BBQ and swimming in the lake with my friend Kelly. We went on a sunset cruise of Lake Union, the city was spectacular against the setting sun. Great end to a long but really fun day.

Sunny Beach Weekend

This past weekend felt like summer…FINALLY! We have started referring to this as June-uary since it has been so unusually cold and rainy. Come on summer we are ready for you! This weekend we got a taste. Saturday morning I had a long practice run with my Nike team, it was great to catch up with my running buddy Crystal. We have gotten good at chatting and running at the same time. After practice I picked up my mom  and our friends Ted and Karen from the Amtrak station, took mom to the airport, then T&K and I went back to my house to hang out and grab lunch. We walked to Alki and had a fabulous outdoor-in-the-sun meal at Cactus. Then I took them back to the train station to send them off to Chicago. These are friends that I had not seen in 13 years. They lived on a boat in St. Croix and have since sailed around the world and finally landed permanently in New Zealand. I need to go visit.

Saturday night I went to my friend Sarah’s graduation party for about 10 minutes just to say hi, and then drove out to Ballard for my college dorm roommate’s bachelorette party. Lauren (my roommate, not me in the third person) is getting married on Saturday so we were celebrating in Seattle. We had dinner and then found some really good gelato, and then hit one bar for a few drinks. It was a pretty low key event, but it was really good to see her. I am looking forward to the wedding in two days! I am going to wear a hat.

Sunday was a lazy sunny day. I slept in a bit, went to the farmers market, and then Crystal came over to hang out on the beach. We were out in the sun a little too long and I got burned, but it was so nice and relaxing. We had through about going on a hike but could not find the motivation to do much except lie on the beach. Pretty good compromise, and way better than being inside! Jenny came over for dinner and we made awesome grilled chicken topped salads and a huge bowl of guacamole that we devoured on the deck. It is good bouncing ideas off of her about career ideas, travel, life in general. We are both going through different things and it is nice to get some perspective that you really only get when having a heart to heart with your best friend. I really enjoy having her so close this summer, and will miss her when she goes back to Pullman in August.