Back for a summertime fix!

Since this is my 4th box, and there is not really anything I feel I need in my closet right now, it was really just for fun. I also had some remaining referral credit (thanks ladies!) to use so I figured, why not get another box?

When I opened this one initially a few pieces really caught my attention…for both good and bad. There was a dress in a soft teal pattern and I was really excited to try it on. And a BRIGHT magenta shirt that I knew was out from the first second. So I went into my mini fashion show with mixed feelings (and a ton of BBQ party prep-to-dos on my mind!) and ultimately found one winner in the bunch. Ready for the rundown?!

I liked this but the color aIMG_9780fixnd style, but was not a fan of the exposed edge seam stitching. Not quite polished enough. It was super soft and cozy though and only $28 so to avoid losing the $20 style fee I used $8 of my credit to keep it. It will make a good casual weekend top.


I liked the color and the idea of this dress, but it was just too short and not flattering enough for mybottom half. I felt like it chopped me in half.





I really wanted to like this dress. I love the color and style. Ultimately I sent it back since it did not feel like it would stand up to much use. The material was pretty thin and light and pill prone. Not what I am looking for when I invest in my wardrobe.IMG_9803fix





I do not like these huge swingy tops. If I was pregnant…maybe, but I am not so away it goes. The shoulders were cut well and I liked the idea, but this was not IMG_9788fixsomething I would wear. Nice material though! This felt like a quality piece.





Really did not like this one at all. It felt poorly made and was a really bad color for me. Just a bad fit all around. No thank you.





So only one piece worked in this fix. And honestly without the referral credit I would have probably sent them all back. Still, it was fun and I got a new top that I have been wearing all day. It is really cozy and will turn into a new go-to hangout top. Woohoo!


Want to give Stitch Fix a try?  If you do, please use my referral link 🙂


Stitch Fix Review: Box #3

After a spot on perfect fix last time I waited for the third with giddy anticipation. What would be in this fix? Would it be great too? I had requested the same stylist to do this one and was eager to see what she would find for me.

I opened the box and was immediately impressed with most of the pieces…good fabrics, good neutral colors and a pretty decent assortment, but they were not quite as inspiring as the previous fix. Turns out my Fix #2 stylist is no longer there (so sad!) so a new gal was trying out my look. Honestly it was still pretty good but I only kept one piece.


Here is the rundown:

Cynthia Graphic Print Mixed Materials Tank (Collective Concepts)

This top was ok. It actually really liked the fit and the fabric but could not get over the high neckline. Not my style, and especially for the price, it went back.


Juliano Twisted Shoulder Cowl Neck Top (Tart) pictured with jeans from Fix #2!

This top I actually really liked: fabric was good, color was good, but it was too pricy for what it was. It also went back but inspired me to look for something similar next time I shop.

Nanette Striped Lurex Detail Jacket (41 Hawthorn)

Now this jacket was a total fail. Honestly this one was out of left field. It was SO BAD! Cut horribly, granny fabric and really did not fit at all. Do I even need to say I did not keep this? Better luck next time.


June Polka Dot Skirt (Pomelo)

This was the gem in the fix: who doesn’t love a navy and white polka dot pencil skirt!? Although it was a little snugger than I usually wear, I am in post-grad school slim down mode and figured it was a good motivation piece. Also it was the cheapest piece in the fix AND actually fit my waist (skirts never seem to) so I kept it. Looking forward to wearing it this summer!


Celia Printed Maxi Dress (Tart)

Finally, the maxi dress. I LOVE maxis…especially ones made with a slinky, no-wrinkle hardy fabric. This dress was pretty, but not totally perfect. It was also expensive…so it went back.


All in all, this was still a good fix. After such a KILLER box #2 it was a tad disappointing, but I am excited to get the next one in the mail! Have you tried Stich Fix yet? I recommend it! Give it a try with my referral code below. And stay tuned for another review of Fix #4 later this summer.

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? I highly recommend it! If you do, please use my referral link 🙂

Texas Solstice

Once graduation passed (more on that in a coming post!) the only graduate school related thing I had left was a final trip to Houston. I took advantage of the ticket and extended my trip for a long weekend in Austin with my good friend Kelly!

Hot, humid and ugly were the only things I associated with Texas, so I also took advantage of my time by seeking out some prettier parts of Houston. I explored an old estate/museum called Bayou Bend in a beautiful old part of the city. I would have loved to wander more around the 14 acres of gardens but it was just too darn hot.

After a few nights in a super air-conditioned hotel (my throat hated it) and room service, I was ready to see some friends and be in a real house again. I stayed with some old family friends just outside of Houston for a night, and then trekked on to Austin. Mandatory rest stop: mint oreo blizzard at DQ.

Two days in Austin with Kelly was awesome! Austin was much more my style and speed, and we had a ball being friends outside of school! On Friday night we trekked down to San Antonio for another classmate’s graduation party (perfect timing!) and got to see a bit more of the state. If you have never been to a Buck-ee’s you are missing out on a Texas experience.

 MBA friends reunited in TEXAS!!

Buc-ee’s – epic truck stop

It was so fun to see a new place. Kelly and her husband recently bought a project house so we enjoyed talking about renovation ideas. And cruising cool little shops to find treasures. Trying on vintage dresses. Chasing her two cute kiddos. And eating well. And drinking way more than I usually do. I am not typically an afternoon drinker…like ever actually…but this trip stretched that experience. We spent Saturday exploring the Congress district and cooling off at a neat outdoor bar. Well, it caught up with me later when I had a middle-of-the-night hangover. Oh well, we had a ball!

Sunday we went out to breakfast, found the same orange van we saw the day before (and had to take another photo) and then prepared some salads for a World Cup party. I went to the party for 30 minutes and stared dreamily at their huge pool (it was still hot in case that was not obvious) but stayed dry and headed to the airport.

A speedy and sweet taxi driver got me to the ferry in record time and just made the ferry. Perfect timing! I was welcomed home with a stunning sunset and a husband who was very happy to see me. It is so good to be home!


I have wanted a clutch handbag for a while now. I have been working on amping up my wardrobe and so accessories are a fun and easy way to add a bit of pop. I set my sights on a brown clutch from J. Crew and it started a search for the perfect (and somewhat affordable) clutch.

As much as I surfed the web I could not find many that were simple and classic enough for my tastes. So I came back to J. Crew. While looking up my favorite brown one, I stumbled upon a classic black with a really cool hinge. Humm…now I was debating colors. Then I went to eBay. OH MAN! The CHOICES! I emailed my sister in law for advice on color. I wanted them all! So unnecessary from so many angles (but I was excited and they were all so much fun!)

I was pretty much settled on a black basic one and one that would be a color or fun option. I bid on a bright orange clutch on eBay and WON it! So the orange one was taken care of. Isn’t it fun?!

The black clutch from J. Crew was not on sale online, but I decided to check the store. Low and behold! It was 40% off in the store and I got my 15% student discount! Less than $30!

Leather clutch

Well…that led to another clutch that was an unplanned give-in moment…but it was only $22 after the discounts!

And yes, I got the brown one that kicked it all off. So yea, I am set. I figure I could always sell them or regift at some point…and TOGETHER they were all less than just the two I originally picked.

Stationery clutch

So much for self control. It’s my graduation gift.



Stitch Fix Review: Box 1!

A month or so ago I found out about Stitch Fix…a home delivery of 5 personally styled pieces for your wardrobe. For $20 a stylist picks out pieces, mails them to you, you buy what you want to keep and send the rest back for free! Extra cool: that $20 you spend can be applied to your purchases. How could I not try it?

When I set up my first box I asked for more “work” attire. Most of my work staples are long past their prime and I am not feeling particularly creative with mixing and matching. I was hoping for some good options when I specifically requested a dress and blazer. Biggest concerns I had going into this were my stylist sending things I liked, and second, things that would fit. My figure can be challenging to dress, particularly in the butt/hips region, and so trying things on is critical…but most of the time things don’t work. I love the idea of someone picking things that “should” work on my body rather than being frustrated with a discarded pile of cute options on a dressing room floor that just don’t work for me.

When my box arrived I was so excited to open it! Everything was neatly wrapped, and I immediately knew the pieces were good quality. The color palate was totally me and I had my fingers crossed that things would fit. Prices were good too, ranging from $28-$98. Here is the summary of my first box (and I apologize for the not perfect pics and not looking very put together…our water was off and so this was the best I could do with no shower and no makeup and a sick-in-bed husband as my photographer. Note to self…pictures from this angle are not the most flattering…)


Nice top…the color was great for me and I liked the fit, but it was a little snug under the arms and for $48, well, that was just too much for this one. It went back.



I LOVE this cardigan! It is super soft and very versatile. It is right in my favorite color palate and would look great with jeans or dress pants (shown). It even matches a lot of my jewelry! Keeper.



I really wanted to love this dress. Great print, great concept and the fabric is perfect.  The top half fit well (and I love the long sleeves!), but the tummy and butt were just a tad too tight. It was also a little too short for my taste. I thought about keeping it and giving it a shot, but figured that my NEXT box might just have the perfect one and I would rather save my money for that one.



This top was a wild card. I really like the print and the fabric and it was comfortable. But it was not really my typical style since I go for more fitted clothes. I did really like the way it looked under a blazer and think with some good jeans it would be a good addition to my closet. Since it was also the cheapest in the box I decided to give it a go.



I liked this blazer but it was too small. It fit in the waist but arms/shoulders were too tight. That image below…yea, not a keeper if you cannot raise your arms. I really liked how it made the tops in the box shine…I actually preferred them all under the blazer. Clearly I need one for my closet but this was not quite the right one. Fingers crossed the next box has one that fits!


Overall: I LOVE this process! It was so much less stressful than shopping in a store, it felt very personal, and I really love that the boxes should get more “spot on” as the stylist get to know my taste and fit. Cannot wait to try it again!

If you want to give this awesome company a try, please use my referral link!

Something I Found: Stitch Fix!

Today I stumbled upon what seems to be a brilliant idea: an online personal shopper called Stitch Fix! For $20 a professional stylist looks at your preferences, body type, style etc and sends you 5 items to try. They even scan through your Pinterest to get ideas on what you like! Your $20 is credit towards your purchase and you can keep or send back items depending on what works. For someone who gets easily overwhelmed shopping for clothes (me) this sounds great. I need some updates in my wardrobe and so will probably give it a try!

Has anyone else tried this or want to? Here is a referral code if you are interested:

Coveting Shoes…

I have a weakness for shoes. I love shoes! They are fun, they make you feel put together and sexy (even if your outfit is sweats, heels ALWAYS look good!). Shoes were the most difficult part of planning my wedding outfit. I have had the dress forever, and I needed shoes that coordinated well. I found some low wedges that gave a “lacy” look last fall…and ordered them. The work, they are pretty, but they are not quite the WOW factor that the shoes I found today have. Check these lovely ladies out:

Pinned Image

Do I want to get different shoes? These ones are more expensive, and not wedges, so that is a drawback, but they MATCH, like, perfectly, to my dress, and are very “wedding”. Oooo decisions decisions…dang you Pinterest for showing me more options…