Another Craigslist Find

I am happy to report that Craigslist has been a success once again! I troll almost daily, looking for exactly the right pieces to make out home function well. A few weeks back we acquired a beautiful antique china cabinet that fits our dining room perfectly. This weekend we picked up another great find: a cabinet for our bathroom.

The master bath has forever been cluttered thanks to a lack of storage. No cabinets, no shelves beyond the medicine cabinet. Extra supplies have lived on the counter or in our closet. It was time for another piece of furniture.

After weeks of searching “bathroom cabinet” and “white cabinet” a perfect fit popped up. Even better: it was in West Seattle and right on our way home from weekend activities. We picked it up, strapped it to the top of the mini (man that thing has hauled a lot of stuff!) and it is now sitting proudly in our CLEAN and ORGANIZED bathroom. Ok, not quite perfect but it was laundry day and the hamper was more than full. It looks great now 🙂


Thank you Craigslist. Now if you can find me the perfect bench for the dining table, I would be extra grateful.


Farmhouse Table

Meals are the centerpiece of our family. We love to cook for ourselves, and family and friends, and needed a table that said “come gather and eat, make memories, and be part of our family”. We searched for the perfect farmhouse table…something with rustic charm and character with some detail. So many tables were too plain, and had square legs that I did not like. They were also expensive…and so often new. Finally finally we found a table we liked…on Craigslist! Unfortunately it was located in Bellingham so we sent my mom to check it out and use her judgment to see if it was “right”. It needed help, but she decided to give it a shot and brought it home for $300.

The table legs were stained with a purple stain, and the old top dull and scratched. Some of the planks had shrunk and so the table had different length boards on it! Sadly there are very few “before” photos, only these that my uncle snapped when they picked up the table.


After weeks of refinishing mom unveiled the final product to us on Saturday. We were blown away with it! Stained purple legs were now a deep brown, and the solid oak planked top was buttery smooth. It was perfect! Even without the leaves, we could easily seat 10 people around this table…maybe up to 16 with it at its full 9 foot span! It is the perfect farmhouse table to build memories around for the rest of our lives.

New Weekends

This past weekend we had a reality check with how Matt’s new work schedule will impact us. It is not going to be as easy as we first thought. His weekends are now Friday/Saturday and then working really, really early on Sunday. Blah. Not ideal, but we will figure it out. We know that it will not be forever, so we can deal with it for now. 

Even though our weekend was scattered across 3 days, we had a great, full few days. Friday we had Matt’s parents and our friend and wedding officiant, Marty, over for dinner. Matt made some stellar pot pies: spinach/onion/potato and a split pea/ham. Yum! The crust was unbelievable. We used our home rendered leaf lard and it was so perfectly flaky…so so good. To finish off an evening of pies for dinner we had, you guessed it, apple pie supplied by Matt’s mama! Yum!

Saturday was a full day, starting with breakfast with my parents at our house at 8:30. From there the guys went to the Puyallup Fair grounds for a Mother Earth News fair while mom and I had a full afternoon of Craigslisting and a bridal shower. Last week I had spotted an antique cabinet on craigslist that we went to pick up on Saturday (utilizing mom’s car while in town…mine cannot carry much at all!). We brought the cabinet home and cleaned it on the deck, then headed to my bridal shower.

My friend and bridesmaid, Lana, hosted the shower at her house in Bellevue. It was a ton of fun, and it was so wonderful to see so many family and friends.

After the shower we regrouped with the boys and went down to White Center for some amazing pizza at my new favorite place: Proletariat Pizza. Seriously the best pizza I have had in Seattle yet. It was fresh, reasonably priced, and in a funky little place that just felt good to be in. Since we were in White Center, we wandered through our favorite Asian market too, picking up some limes, frog legs, goat meat and bananas. Great day!

Matt worked on Sunday, so I worked on the house. The new cabinet needed a home so we moved 3 bookcases around to adjust. My goal was to have it all back in place before going back to work, and I have to say that I think it worked out! I picked Matt up at 4:00 and we went to Sur la Table in Pike’s market just for fun. We revisited some of our registry items just to make sure they were the right ones. Such a fun store. When we got home we ate leftover pie and chopped up rhubarb for our first batch of liquor. We have 1 ½ glass gallon jugs marinating in the basement now! Now it just takes patience…

Combing through Craigslist

With my parents car parked out front this weekend Matt and I took the opportunity to aquire some new furniture for the house. On Friday I went to Ballard to pick up a beautiful antique dresser that I found on Craigslist. Curved front, great condition, the prefect size. I am thrilled. We so badly needed more clothing storage because the closets in this house are tiny.

We also desperately need some more bookshelves. We have boxes of packed up books in the office with nowhere to put them. I found two bookcases yesterday on Craigslist, one of which was still available so we went to pick it up last night. It is nice and in decent condition, but when we got it home we realized that it must have come from a smoker because it smells. Not pleasant and not what we wanted. Matt is going to try and clean it today to get some of the smell out, and it is not too strong, so we will see what we end up with. Worse comes to worse we relist it on Craigslist and pass it along.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

I have dreamed about this house for the past two years; wondering what is inside, what the kitchen really looked like. I imagined how cozy and cute and warm it must be. The perfect house for me to live in…near the beach, quiet street, cute house with a nice yard.

Well, from the street, well, actually even from the front porch, this house looked like all of the above and more. Yesterday when I was able to actually go inside, I learned how much the exterior image can hide. The house was the most oddly laid out floor plan I had ever seen. The bathroom and bedroom and closet were all essentially one space separated by odd doors, only one central heat vent (4×3 on the living room floor?) and the kitchen did not make sense. The cabinets were cool, but old and gross and falling apart. Plus, when I found out the rent was not $1300/month but actually $1300/mo + $50 yard maintenance non-negotiable, that sealed the deal that this was not the house for us.

I walked away feeling good about not renting it, and also felt good at finally ending the mystery of my “perfect house”. It is not so perfect, so I guess I get to just keep on looking. Matt and I are back to the drawing board on Craigslist to see what else we can find. I am starting to feel the pressure of my lease ending (and house getting torn down) and really want to find something.

Back update: last night I had PT and Maren really worked on my lower back with some deep tissue massage and then ultrasound to get way inside. This morning my back pain is much less, but it is so tender to the touch that I am going to need ice today. I hope this helps. I am really ready to have my back back.

We are planning to drive to Pullman tomorrow morning. The pass was closed on Monday so we are a little nervous about the drive (getting stuck in Eastern WA from the pass closing more than actual driving conditions) but if the weather forecast looks ok we are going to go. I cannot wait to eat dinner at Sellas tomorrow with Pullman friends (that reminds me, I need to let some people know that plan! Kelsey/Bryant…want to go to pizza?), 80s night with Kathy, show Matt my old house, have him show me his old house, eat Ferdinand’s Ice Cream in the snow, cheer on the Cougs at the UCLA game IN PERSON, and just wander around campus and reminisce about college. I miss Pullman and am so excited to go back and see it with Matt.

House Search

The craigslist search for a place to live continues. I think I found a good little house, now patiently (or impatiently in reality) waiting for them to email me back!

Update on the dresser: it sold. 😦