Celebration “Clink”

Matt and I are floating on the reality of him in a new job. We are going to be able to spend some time together this summer! (good thing summer has not really arrived here yet…we don’t feel like we have missed it yet!). We can go camping, see our families, work in the garden together, cook dinner together EVERY NIGHT and eat before 10! Oh it feels so good to know that this new chapter is almost here. Start date is still not finalized, probably August 1.

Last night we went out for drinks at Cactus on Alki with some of my running friends from the marathon. It was fun to see them but I have to admit Matt and I were more excited just to be celebrating with each other. Awesome drinks and then a walk along the beach…we have so much to celebrate. We are so lucky to have found each other.


Back in the Water

I love diving! This past weekend I spent a small fortune to finish buying the rest of my dive gear, and then last night went to test it all out at Alki Beach. My buddy Jim and I got me properly weighted and then went for a 40 minute dive around Cove 2. It was pretty awesome being back in the water. The dive was not perfect though; my dry suit inflator valve was not working correctly and would stick in the “on” position filling my suit with air. It was not very reliable so I am going to get it fixed before diving again…safety first. It felt so good to be back in the water though, evening dive with a view of the Seattle skyline…this is an awesome place to live. Thursday is the opening day of crab season so a group of us are going up to Mukilteo to get crab and have a cookout…at least that is the plan at the moment. I probably won’t have my suit fixed yet so will probably be in charge of boiling water on the beach.

I can’t wait to have my gear working 100% and get out on more dives. One more thing to add to my filled schedule J

Where is Summer?

Seattle is being a tease…and being really good at it. It is supposed to be summer. Last year it was all sun and warm weather this time…not in 2010 apparently. We got a great summer day on Saturday…perfect day for hanging out the deck and having a BBQ. I thought the weather had finally decided to wake up and realize it was the end of June…well, waking up to grey skies this morning told me that this was not the case. Still, it made for a cooler morning run with TNT at Seward Park, and perfect afternoon for a sunday nap.

Yesterday I jam packed in all sorts of productivity. Drove to Lynnwood for the massive dive gear sale (check), spent an obscene amount of money buying dive gear (check), had a girls date with Lana in Bellevue (check), bridesmaid dress fitting for Alissa’s wedding (check), painted my bathroom (check), had a BBQ dinner with Jenny on the deck (check), watched a movie (check), good night sleep (check). Yes, productive, fun day. I love weekends like that.

Today was a bit slower. Went for an hour run at Seward, bought groceries, ate lunch, second coat of bathroom paint, read a magazine and took a nap, then woke up to get ready for dinner out at Cactus on Alki. Now I am cleaning my apartment and trying to remind myself that, yes, Lauren, you do have to go to work tomorrow. Dang, I could really use another day of weekend time.

Sunny Beach Weekend

This past weekend felt like summer…FINALLY! We have started referring to this as June-uary since it has been so unusually cold and rainy. Come on summer we are ready for you! This weekend we got a taste. Saturday morning I had a long practice run with my Nike team, it was great to catch up with my running buddy Crystal. We have gotten good at chatting and running at the same time. After practice I picked up my mom  and our friends Ted and Karen from the Amtrak station, took mom to the airport, then T&K and I went back to my house to hang out and grab lunch. We walked to Alki and had a fabulous outdoor-in-the-sun meal at Cactus. Then I took them back to the train station to send them off to Chicago. These are friends that I had not seen in 13 years. They lived on a boat in St. Croix and have since sailed around the world and finally landed permanently in New Zealand. I need to go visit.

Saturday night I went to my friend Sarah’s graduation party for about 10 minutes just to say hi, and then drove out to Ballard for my college dorm roommate’s bachelorette party. Lauren (my roommate, not me in the third person) is getting married on Saturday so we were celebrating in Seattle. We had dinner and then found some really good gelato, and then hit one bar for a few drinks. It was a pretty low key event, but it was really good to see her. I am looking forward to the wedding in two days! I am going to wear a hat.

Sunday was a lazy sunny day. I slept in a bit, went to the farmers market, and then Crystal came over to hang out on the beach. We were out in the sun a little too long and I got burned, but it was so nice and relaxing. We had through about going on a hike but could not find the motivation to do much except lie on the beach. Pretty good compromise, and way better than being inside! Jenny came over for dinner and we made awesome grilled chicken topped salads and a huge bowl of guacamole that we devoured on the deck. It is good bouncing ideas off of her about career ideas, travel, life in general. We are both going through different things and it is nice to get some perspective that you really only get when having a heart to heart with your best friend. I really enjoy having her so close this summer, and will miss her when she goes back to Pullman in August.

Oh What a Beautiful Day

Saturday was picture perfect in Seattle. Crystal clear mountain views, a soft spring breeze and most importantly, sunshine and 58 degrees! It was a glorious day for a training run, 12 miles from Alki Point to Lincoln Park and back. I had a fantastic run with my running buddy Crystal, we kept a good pace and managed to do some intervals. Afterwards a group of us jumped in the Sound to ice for 10 minutes, then we all trooped down to Alki Cafe for breakfast. I split an amazing veggie omelette with one of the other women, perfect finish to a great run.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my apartment, life had gotten in the way of staying on top of it these past 2 weeks and it was driving me nuts! My parents came in to town around 4 and we went to Costco and out for fish and chips for dinner. I shared with them the news that the house I live in may be torn down this summer if permitting goes through, but my landlord would move me to his penthouse apartment in his house down the street if that happens, or I get to stay here for another year if the permitting does not go though. Win win! I love living on the water, this summer will be fantastic. I can’t wait to have people over for BBQs and watching the sunset over the Sound.

Today is baking day! We are having a fundraising Team in Training bake sale at work on monday, I am making Hello Dollies and monster cookies, mom brought a sour cream cake and chocolate chip banana bread to contribute, dad sent down 300 daffodils to sell too! It is so cool that my parents are able to be involved in my life down here in Seattle.

Oh what a wonderful weekend! Seattle is amazing! Now if only water taxi season would hurry up and get here…

Sun on the Sound

Today was a beautiful afternoon. It was also the first time in two days that I was aware enough of my surroundings to notice! I have been on the couch watching movies two days straight now, Friday night I slept for 16 hours solid. This cold really took me for a loop, but am feeling much better. My cat is a pretty good nursemaid…or is at least good companionship when you are feeling lousy.

Today I went on a massive grocery shopping trip. Stocked up on all sorts of good stuff. I am trying a week of no wheat to see if it helps clear up my skin. It is amazing how many things contain wheat…

I managed to get in an easy run today. It was clear and calm out and I figured it would do me good to leave the house even if I was not quite at 100%. I looped by Alki Beach and then down south of my apartment to the neat little park on the water. It was a beautiful day. I need to get a kayak. I would get some good use out of it here. I even got a life jacket for christmas so there is step 1! It is so peaceful seeing the sun dance on the Puget Sound water, even on a cloudy day.

This week my training starts to ramp up. The runs get longer and we try to start picking up the pace. I feel like I have fallen behind in building my stamina after missing out on these past few weeks, but I am determined to make up lost ground. It is inspiring to have made this much progress already and actually feel good (and enjoy!) this running!

I have been a bit down these first few days of 2010. I need to shake it off and move forward, and remind myself of all the things I have going for me and to look forward to this year.

Run-in w/ a Curb and Bush

It was bound to happen eventually: today I had my first biking hiccup. I took a corner a bit too fast and crashed through a bush and luckily could hit my brakes fast enough to not fly over the handlebars when my front tire hit the curb on the other side. I was not hurt at all, but I am really glad that it was not worse. On a positive bike commute note, the city repaired a lot of the street that surrounds the railroad tracks that I have to cross, and it make my ride WAY better and much safer…thank you city of Seattle!

This weekend is the start of my new sport adventure with kite boarding. My first lesson is tomorrow and I cannot wait! I am also starting to look into getting back in the water diving around here. I met some divers this week and it got me inspired to brush up on my drysuit skills and find a trip to dive up off Vancouver Island. Another thing to add to the summer list!

Tomorrow should have some interesting things to report: there is a pirate cannon battle in the water off the beach here on Alki…not exactly sure what that will be like!