Our First Week(ish) As Three

We were home from the birth center by 10:00 the evening of our little Oakleigh’s birth, and faced the reality of settling in as a family of three. Since she arrived 12 days early, the house and closet nursery in our room was not really in the status where we anticipated it being when she came home, but oh well…it would just have to work!

Her space was clean and tidy, with a bassinet, changing table, set up ready to go…but we also had piles of laundry to fold, random packages and packaging stuffed into corners, the shower needed to be scrubbed…and that was just our room! Upstairs the kitchen was in full on demo mid-remodel, with no sink or stove. And piles of dirty dishes that we had not yet gotten to (easy to procrastinate on those when the bathtub is how you are washing them…ugh!). But that was home and we were in it as a family of three.

The first night we had the go ahead from our midwife to just let her sleep till she woke up hungry. Thank goodness, because I was totally exhausted. Having only slept for maybe 45 minutes the night prior to her birth I really needed sleep. Matt needed sleep too, but was more alert and kept checking on her throughout the night. Being so new, she was moving a lot of fluid through her system still and he did not want her to choke.

By morning we were slightly more rested and started our first real day of our first week. Waking her up to eat every two hours (midwife’s instructions for the first two weeks), changing diapers, Matt making sure we were fed, and trying to rest as much as possible. Our midwife Shari came by later that afternoon for her first house visit, weighed little Oakleigh (she lost 10oz) and gave us some instructions to get her some sunshine to help with a blush of jaundice. Then we were back on our own.

A rollercoaster of hormones, sleep deprivation, and a learning curve gave us some really high highs and some really low lows, but we slowly figured out a system that worked. We decided that it was pointless for both Matt and I to lose so much sleep, so he would sleep through the night while I tended to Oakleigh. This would give him more energy to take care of us throughout the day while I could rest. By day 5 he was back to the remodel!

By the end of the first week she and I had breastfeeding down. I feel super lucky because I know that is not everyone’s experience. Feeding every two hours during the day (and every three at night) has become our routine…except of course when she decides it is time to cluster feed! A few times there have been 3 hours straight when I am nursing this little piggy! Those get really exhausting.

My dream of being at the lake for the 4th of July, huge belly in a swimsuit, well, that did not happen. Instead we had a picnic dinner in the back yard followed by a night of diapers and boobies…and could not have been more happy.

This little girl is truly an easy baby so far. She sleeps easily and in her bassinet, giving us space to catch up on our sleep. She eats well and has helped my milk come in…and is fattening up and growing! Her sharky jammies are already too small! Pretty sure today is her last day to be in them (12 days old). We also mastered cloth diapers! We went through a package and a half of disposables, and came to the point where we either needed to buy more, or suck it up and try the cloth stash that I had washed and folded a few weeks prior. So we gave it a go and have not looked back!

Daddy loves to sing songs to her, making up lyrics to all sorts of tunes. And a favorite way to calm her down is listing off all the things that she will get to try someday. Flavors of ice cream, fruits, dairy products, Italian dishes…you name it. She is super cuddly and adorable and we are so so in love.

Grandparents have visited, and helped get the house back on track and in order. Dishes are done, the kitchen is making progress, grass is mowed, and we have our new grill finally put together! Friends and family have been delivering us food which is so so appreciated, particularly when we have limited cooking capacity right now!

And now we have made it to her due date! July 11…oh little Oakleigh Elaine, we are so happy that we have had you in our arms these past 12 days already!

Oakleigh Elaine Frugé: A birth day story

Throughout my pregnancy, our wonderful midwife Shari has been predicting that our little Grain would be right on time: due date, July 11. I was measuring on track, and we had an 8 week ultrasound to get the most accurate date possible. On Wednesday, June 28 I had an 2:30 appointment where everything still showed I was on track. Baby was doing great. I had some Braxton hicks contractions while she measured my belly that I could not even feel. This surprised me, so I asked what I should be paying attention for when it came to real contractions. Good thing I asked, because 90 minutes later, on the ferry towards home, I started feeling those first ones roll through.

I thought, nah, I am going to my due date, these must just be nerves. After all, this was my final day commuting to the office. I planned to work from home until the baby showed up, and take some time to decompress and shift modes to maternity leave.

But the contractions kept coming.

So I downloaded a contraction timing app and started to keep track.

(5-7 minutes apart, ~40 seconds long)

When I got home, I walked into our totally wrecked in-the-middle-of-a-remodel house. No functional kitchen, sawdust and debris everywhere. We were close to putting on countertops the upcoming weekend and progress was looking good, but it was a frustrating day for Matt with some projects going awry.

I got in the bathtub to see if the contractions would stall out. Nope. Then laid on the bed. Nope.

We ate dinner, watched an episode of the Sopranos. Contractions still coming.

(5-7 minutes apart, ~40 seconds long)


Matt doing some last minute labor coaching reading before we head to bed

Living on an island with no medical facilities presents a limited array of options when it comes to giving birth. Basically homebirth, or get yourself off the island. The idea of a home birth was what resonated most with Matt and I, but the possibility of needing to transfer off the island in an emergency was not a thought I wanted in my head for delivery. Instead, we opted for our little Grain to be delivered at a freestanding birth center in Tacoma, The Birthing Inn. We liked that it was basically a homebirth at a bed and breakfast type atmosphere, 4 minutes from a hospital. I wanted to have a water birth, and they were perfectly set up to accommodate that with huge comfortable tubs.

So now the question was, when do you leave the island? I wanted to labor at home as long as possible, while managing ferry lines and the nighttime gap in service. We called Shari and let her know what was up. Ho boy was she surprised to hear from me the same day as the appointment!

We decided to keep me at home and check in the next morning, unless something drastically changed. She was super flexible throughout the whole process, ready to come to Vashon for labor, or just meet in Tacoma depending on ferries, timing etc.

Matt was exhausted after his trying day, so my #1 priority for him was sleeping. I knew I would need him to be 100% for the real deal of active labor and getting me safely off the island. So we went to bed and I quietly labored in bed as he slept.

(4-6 minutes apart, ~35-45 seconds long)

Contractions were regular but manageable. Eventually I moved from laying down to standing and swaying as each one came.

(3-5 minutes apart, ~45 seconds long)

Finally, around 4 AM I knew it was time to get Matt involved. The contractions were strong enough that I needed to hang on to him. We tried the yoga ball, hated that. I could not sit or lay through these, I needed to hang on to him and sway.

(2-4 minutes apart, ~60-70 seconds long)

We called Shari again. We check the ferry schedules and decided Matt and I should head to Tacoma and check in when we were off the ferry to decide if we should come to her condo or straight or the birth center. So we loaded up the car and started on the 20 minute drive to the south end of Vashon. Contractions in the car were uncomfortable, and I was glad that we were going when we did because I could work through them. They also slowed down. My body knew I was in transit. We stopped at the grocery store for sandwiches, bagels and chocolate milk. Then headed to Shari’s condo.


Driving to the ferry at the south end of Vashon Island

We were 4th in line for the ferry and loaded easily. Checked in with Shari and decided to head to head to her condo to labor longer. The Birthing Inn was not for until active labor started.

(6-7 minutes apart, ~45 seconds long)

At her condo we took a long walk along the waterfront. Talking and looking at the glass sculptures and pausing for me to hang on Matt and sway through contractions. After an hour of walking I was exhausted and we went back. Ate some sandwiches. Rested. And the contractions were not picking up. They were more intense but still too far apart. Not active labor.

(7-8 minutes apart, ~90 seconds long)

At 12:30, Shari suggested that we check my cervix, and consider a membrane sweep if appropriate. Her approach has been minimal physical checks (which aligns with my approach to childbirth) so when she suggested it I knew it was in my best interest. The check revealed that I was dialated to 2cm…not nearly as far as we had anticipated. However, she also found that my cervix was SUPER soft and elastic…and ready to stretch so she manually moved me to 5cm with her fingers! Baby was in exactly the right place and ready to go when things got moving. She did a membrane sweep (and commented that I must have a high pain tolerance since it did not bother me at all) and let me know that things would likely really start to pick up the pace.

She was right.

Contractions started to get more intense, and Shari had me work through them in positions that encouraged baby to move down and engage. I would lean into each one with on leg bent like a runners stretch. These really made things feel open. And intense. Matt was awesome at talking me through each one. The whole labor, I really could not use the work painful to describe what I was physically feeling. It was more of extreme discomfort, with a purpose. I knew I was working for my baby and he/she was working with me. We had a goal, and to reach it we needed to just keep doing the work. Shari observed that my moans through each one were getting higher in pitch and guided me to lower my tone to a low groan, almost a growl.

(4-6 minutes apart, ~70-90 seconds long)

By 2:30 contractions has picked up pace, and the stretching positions had dramatically increased the pressure I was feeling. Matt and I had been laboring upstairs in her loft by ourselves, and I called down to her that I felt it was time to go to the birth center. We stopped keeping track of contractions, packed up our things, and headed for the parking garage.

I had three intense contractions between leaving her unit and getting in the car. Then three more on the 9 minute drive across town. Contractions in the car took all my mental energy to breathe through because I was on my own, sitting, trying to keep Matt focused on driving. But this labor was MOVING!

When we pulled into the parking space marked for laboring mothers I burst into tears of relief…we had made it. This was the destination. This was where I knew I would be giving birth and my body knew that too. We had the whole place to ourselves, and my favorite birth assistant, Suzie, was on staff that afternoon. I immediately felt comfortable, and they prepped room 1 and turned on the tub while I had another contraction. I had another one moments later as Shari started to take my blood pressure, me leaning against the wall while Matt changed into swim trunks to join me in the tub.

Getting in the water felt amazing. I could relax and settle in. This is what I had mentally prepared for and felt ready to tackle it. However, sitting was not comfortable, so Shari had me kneel like a frog with my arms on the side of the tub. Matt settled in behind me sitting on a step and poured water over my back during each contraction. I focused on keeping my breathing steady and voice a low pitch when I needed to make noise. And so we labored. At some point my dear fried Cassie arrived! It was so good to see her face! We had invited to her witness little Grain’s birth and also take some photos. I was so glad she made it!

I could feel my baby moving down more and more, and then felt something pop…my water broke! Shari told me that I would soon start to feel myself needing to push, and to wait for that feeling to just take over. I settled in and then yep, there it was! My body was pushing my baby down and out.

After a few pushing surges it became super uncomfortable being spread kneed, there was just too much pressure. So Shari had me roll to my side, my top leg propped up on Matt. I honestly don’t remember much of what was happening at this point, I just heard Shari say that baby’s head was crowning, and Matt’s hands were guiding her out. She told me to take my time, and only bear down when a contraction was helping guide the baby out. And roughly 3 pushes later at 4:14 in the afternoon on June 29, my baby was out, safe in Daddy’s hands and he placed her on my chest.


Shari asked him to see if it was a boy or girl, and Matt looked and said, boy?, nope, look again, things are a bit swollen down there on newborns…IT’S A GIRL! We were in shock! Yes, her gender was a surprise, but we most have both really been thinking it was a boy…this was a SURPRISE!!!

I started to get a bit distracted with some discomfort from her umbilical cord…it was shorter than average and rubbing uncomfortably since my placenta had not yet been delivered. Matt cut the cord and I delivered the placenta. As my body prepared to expel it Shari could see that I was not ready to push again, and reassured me that this would not hurt…there were no bones in this one.


My favorite photo ever ❤

We got out of the tub and Shari and Suzie got me to the bed while Matt snuggled our little girl to his chest. They took my vitals, monitored baby, and Shari kneaded my very floppy stomach to help my uterus clamp down. She also gave me a shot of Pitocin to help stop extra bleeding. When I was stable, and resting on the bed we gave breastfeeding a shot, and our little Grain took too it right away! Horray! We rested a bit and got me cleaned up, then took inventory of our little lady.


Weight: 7 lbs, 11 oz (her due date! although for days Matt and I incorrectly remembered this at 7 lbs, 13 oz)

Length: 19 ¼” long

Grey/blue eyes

LOTS of dark hair, fuzzy arms and legs, and lots of vernix!

Reflecting on the labor: Active labor 2:30-4:20PM, 19 minutes of pushing, no tearing!

Also, she and I grew the biggest placenta they had ever seen! Which is likely why she came early, it was used up and needed a new source of nutrition.

Our little girl was perfect!

One of the best parts of giving birth in this atmosphere was the amount of freedom we had. Once everyone was squared away we were left alone to just bond and recover. Cassie was a huge help in getting me showered and to the toilet a few times, and the 4 of us just sat around and chatted, and rested. It was a wonderful start.


Shari came back and gave us some instruction for the next 24 hours before she would visit us at home. We were to monitor my and her temperature, keep an eye on bleeding, and a schedule for breastfeeding. Around 7:00 we were given the OK to leave, and decided to hang out and aim for the 9:30 ferry home. Shari went home, and Suzie was around if we had any questions. I laid on the bed with our little girl, and Matt went to install the car seat, and shuttle our stuff back to the car. Cassie snapped a few final pictures as we left, and then went home with our sweet little girl: Oakleigh Elaine.


Exhausted by happy mama and little Oakleigh

Finally, an attractive nursing bra! Yootoo Maternity Nursing Bra Review

Oh the trial and error of finding a bra that fits during pregnancy!

I figured out pretty early on in my pregnancy with Grain that my favorite bras were no longer reliable options. My B cup self was just not a reality any more! I managed to get by with a few bigger bras that were lurking in my lingerie drawer, but by week 25 I was desperate for something that actually fit. It was not pretty.

But I was stumped. Was it worth buying a “maternity” bra, or better to go straight to a nursing bra? I read reviews online, surfed Amazon, and then started getting bombarded on social media feeds for advertisements of all brands, shapes and styles. It was just overwhelming.

I finally opted to go into a local nursing focused mama boutique and get fitted for a nursing bra and ask all my questions. I tried on nearly 10 bras…and they were all terrible. Big and bulky and so wide on the sides that they threatened to chafe my armpits. Yuck! I did settle on one that worked: the Bravado (which was also highly praised on Amazon). For reference, I got a large and it fits with some space to still grow when baby is here…I hope at least! It is comfortable and high quality, but not very…attractive.

This led me back to a bra that kept popping up on my Instagram feed: a maternity/nursing bra that promised to be both cute and functional and grow with you. Yootoo is out of Australia, and I could not find many independent (ie: not on their website reviews) but I was still wanting to give them a try. I liked that it has some feminine details and was lower cut in the front. Since I wear mostly V neck dresses, this was key for me.

As a pre-pregnancy 36B, I have never really ventured into “large” bra sizes. Based on their size chart I figured a large was the right size. Particularly since that was what my Bravado bra was. I ordered two colors: chai and black. I was particularly impressed that they offer such a diverse assortment of skin toned colors!

When they arrived, the wrapping was beautiful and the bras were in perfect condition. However, when I put the first one on it instantly knew it was the wrong size. The cups were not bad, but the band was WAY too tight. I could barely get it to fasten! Thankfully the customer service team at Yootoo is excellent (as was alluded to in the website testimonials) and they quickly sent me a return label and shipped out two XL bras.


When that next purple box arrived, I was crossing my fingers for a good fit. As I mentioned, I really loved the style of these Yootoo bras and was getting frustrated with just how much fabric there was on the Bravado bra that I was wearing every.single.day.

Yootoo (top) compared to Bravado (bottom) for comparison


You can see how much higher cut the sides are on the Bravado, and how the neckline would stick out of low cut tops

Low and behold, these XL bras fit perfectly, are comfortable AND (dare I say it?) even look attractive! I feel more like my old self with these bras and yet they are still functional for breastfeeding once baby arrives. I am thrilled!


Yootoo: feminine details!

Since this is my first pregnancy, and I still have some growing to do, I plan to stick with just one of the XL bras for now. The cups themselves do not have much stretch, and I am unsure how much space I will really need when milk comes in. I am saving the second bra just in case I need to swap it out and size up again when baby arrives.

Overall: these bras rock! They are soft and feminine and low cut with not to wide sides…like a NORMAL bra! They do provide extra support than I am used to but the girls do need it now. I am thrilled to have them as the foundation for my mama wardrobe.


Thank you to Yootoo for providing me samples of this bra for this review. I did not receive any additional compensation or have any influence from them over this review. All thoughts, opinions and recommendations are strictly my own. Thank you for allowing me to spread the word!

Nine things that have surprised me about pregnancy


  1. How exhausting it is to grow a baby.

I had always heard that you would be tired, but I did not anticipate this level of fogginess and exhaustion until after baby arrived. I guess I am probably underestimating that as well!

  1. Loss of my abs.

Now I don’t mean them disappearing and being replaced by a bump. That I was totally prepared for. What I did not expect was not having any strength AT ALL from my core. At week 26, sitting up, rolling over or lifting anything is totally dependent on my arms or legs or Matt hauling me around. It is quite disorienting and frustrating to be honest.

  1. Needing diaper rash cream…well before the baby is here

Let’s just say that there is a lot going on with lady parts in pregnancy, and a lot of moisture that I have never before experienced. Diaper rash cream is a life saver.

  1. Pregnancy underwear.

It is a thing, and totally worth it. I have resisted the idea of buying too many maternity wardrobe pieces, but this and a few other key investments were 1000% worth it. Same goes for bras.

  1. Dates are no longer important, it is all about # of weeks

My mental calendar is no longer focused on months or dates, but around how many weeks along is baby. 40 weeks is the goal. 9 months is just a confusing common metric that somehow got thrown into how we talk about it.

  1. So.Many.Decisions.

Some of these decisions are quick and easy, others take research and sometimes difficult conversations. Where to have the baby? What kind of provider care do we want? What do we register for? Find out gender or surprise? Genetic testing? If it’s a boy, do we circumcise? How do we want our birth to go? Birth photographer? Vaccination schedule? And then finally, at the end of the day, what should we have for dinner? Because life still goes on.

  1. Increased awareness of others and pregnancy challenges.

We had a slightly bumpy road to get here, but very visibly carrying a baby has brought out a whole new level of awareness. A few weeks back a girlfriend had a miscarriage. A coworker due at nearly the same time as I am lost her twins at 5 months. Survivors guilt, empathy, sadness, happiness, love…they are a complicated bundle of emotions that all tangle together harder when you have a constant kicking reminder that you are carrying a miracle.

  1. Leg cramps.

Like terrible, debilitating, wake-up-screaming-like-a-banshee leg cramps. Not just in my calf either, but down the sides of my lower legs, quads, and even hands and fingers. My midwife was great and cleared me from any medical concerns, and got me on extra magnesium which is helping. Some local midwives I met through our birth class also added insight for Epsom salt soaks and a topical homeopathic cream that have made a huge difference.

  1. Hating salmon.

My only real food aversion would of course be one of the BEST things for me to eat while pregnant. It is getting slightly less repulsive now that I am nearly in my third trimester but it still makes me sad that of all things, this is what my body does not want to eat.


I am so excited to meet Grain (our in-utero name for baby) and witness many many more surprises that await us on our journey as a family.

Oh Baby! 23 Weeks

Time is flying…how are we already in mid-March!? This little Grain sure is growing…and moving a ton now! It is so fun to feel him or her doing somersaults in my tummy. So far I have been able to stay pretty comfortable, especially once I figured out how to sleep with a pregnancy body pillow.

It took nearly a week of practice (it is like having another person in bed…poor Matt has no room!) but it is seriously a life saver. Particularly because my preggo brain decided to obsess about sleeping on my left side. We were told that sleeping on either side is fine, but left is best…which meant I would wake up all night just to check which side I was on. The body pillow helps me from tossing and turning and keeps me on my left most of the time.

Another comfort saving grace? My Storq leggings. Recommended by a friend, I splurged and got a few nice basic pieces of maternity clothes from Storq. Now they are my go tos and are SO COMFORTABLE! No pilling, no stretching out, and they look fantastic. High quality and super soft and stretchy…and dare I say fashionable? No rouching or traditional “maternity” looking style here. I am sold. Now I need to find a new bra that I love as much!

I have dedicated myself to continuing to be active, getting to the pool for lap swim and water aerobics at least once a week, and working out at my office gym at least 2x per week with cardio and weights or a class. I feel so lucky to have a gym at work with trainers that can help customize a prenatal workout. It still amazes me how much weight I have gained (gulp!) but my midwife is not concerned and I still feel healthy.

Cravings: kiwi (well, fruit in general) and dairy. Cottage cheese has become my go-to snack, and chocolate milk is my favorite treat.

The biggest challenge I have had is an onslaught of leg cramps. And not your normal “just stretch out your calf” ones either. These are wake-up-screaming-and-cannot-move cramps. Poor Matt has been scared out bed so many times now to help me stretch my leg. My midwife recommended taking magnesium, which I am, and it seems to have decreased the frequency of the cramps, but they still happen about every 3 days.

Little Grain, we are so excited to meet you! Daddy and I talk to you every evening and love to feel you kick and move. You are our constant motivation to keep making house progress, eating well, staying healthy and loving and supporting each other every day.

Another bonus this week…sunshine finally came out in our rainy part of the world! Spring is close!


A Week in the Life


I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. I have always been curious about how other people live, and now that we are expecting a baby, wanting to capture how WE live pre-baby. I am sure it will be fun to look back on when we are a family of three with a very different schedule!

A few facts to start on:

  • We purchased a house with just under an acre of land nearly 4 years ago. At the time, Matt and I were both working, but always had the intention of being on one income at some point.
  • In 2014, Matt moved his focus home full time. Remodeling, cooking, cleaning, growing food. It has been THE.BEST.DECISION.EVER for our family. He is far happier, we have more free space to do things (only one work schedule to accommodate!) and had planned for this so financially it was an adjustment, but manageable.
  • I work in the city, and commute 4-5 days per week. Most of this is on public transportation (bus, water taxi, bus) but once or twice per week I will drive for work meetings, and get reimbursed for mileage. On these days I also make time to run our off island errands and do the bulk of our grocery shopping. Matt keeps a dynamic list of what we need and I can pick it up when I am out.
  • We have one vehicle: our trusty but little mini cooper!

Now that there are a few basics in place, our story becomes pretty routine.

I am up at either 5 or 6 depending on my work schedule that day, shower and dress while Matt puts together my breakfast and lunch. By 7 or 8 I am at the office and Matt is home doing is morning routine (take care of chickens, cats, doing dishes for previous night, playing some guitar). While I work so does he. Right now, the focus is our house remodel…which is extensive and we have been cranking on for nearly 14 months.

I walk in the door around 5:05 which means the work day is over for Matt as well. We make it a priority to not work past 5 o’clock on any day (unless there is a real exception that we need to keep going on a project) and get cleaned up and dinner going. Most of the time we whip something up from scratch, but recently I have been making a larger meal on Sunday that can get us at least through two nights of leftovers.

During the week, I usually shower off the work day (being on the bus feels kinda gross when I am back home), and start cooking while Matt puts away the chickens, plays a bit more guitar and winds down. Eating by 6:30 is the goal, and these days are in front of 2-3 episodes of something on Netflix. It is a low key evening, and we leave the kitchen a mess. Ha! Around 8 or 8:15, we are off to bed.

Weekends are a little more flexible, and we give ourselves space to sleep in and have a slow breakfast. Often we will make pancakes or waffles one morning, and then smoothies and eggs the other. We eat and hang out and listen to a slew of radio shows. By noon, we are usually moving towards more “productive” things: Matt working on the remodel, I am cleaning the kitchen, bills/taxes/paperwork, cooking, making sea glass mobiles for my Etsy shop, or in the garden. If the weather and tides cooperate we will do a beach walk. A quick pause for a snack if we need it, but often times we will just work through lunch. Dinner is not much different than the weeknight routine, but we may stay up till 10 (!) or so watching a movie. Big night!

We also try to pack in weekend adventures (though those are on hold with remodel taking #1, #2, and #3 priority!!!) of surfing/camping at the coast, going to Matt’s parents lake property, hiking, visiting family etc.

So yea, that is how our life generally looks these days. As we prepare for a baby this summer it was important for us to consider many aspects of this lifestyle to help us figure out what we needed/wanted for a car/stroller/sleeping arrangements etc. It was a worthwhile exercise to really focus on! We are certain that things will change as a family of 3, but this is a solid baseline to adjust from.


Oh baby!

21 and a half weeks along…and I am starting to really feel pregnant!

We had our 20 week ultrasound last week and it was so wonderful to see all things look great with baby. Toes and fingers and brain and face, and the movement! It was so reassuring so see him or her squirming all around since I was not feeling much yet.

As we planned, we opted not to find out baby’s gender, and will keep that as a surprise for the birth this summer.

My belly is growing, and I am trying to keep on track with eating high quality foods, lots of water, and exercising a few times a week. Even with all of that my weight is creeping up and it is taking lots of gentle reminders to myself that my body is growing another human and will just do what it needs to do. Dresses and leggings have been my best friend, but I am looking forward to spring since my outerwear is almost too small now!

Meetings with our midwife are now focusing on plans for the birth and how we want to do things. Matt and I will be taking a birthing class on the island soon, and I am so excited to find some other parents expecting kiddos this summer!