Pantry Progress 

When we bought our house, the sizeable pantry was a total selling point. Directly across the hall from this pantry was the door for the guest room. It was always an awkward entrance, making its own little hallway, and the light switch was behind the door when it opened.

As we started rethinking our new floorplan, and the guest room was being turned into a dining room, we knew this little extra empty space was a diamond in the rough. After nixing the idea of a walk through butler’s pantry (swoon…but it was just not enough space) we came up with a double sided pantry/china closet that stole our hearts.

It used every square inch of the awkward space, added TONS of storage, and will add a critical detail for any craftsman: the built ins. Matt designed the pantry to coordinate with the living room bookcase builtins to make the whole space flow together. It is still too cold to open all the windows, so priming and painting all these cabinets is on hold until Spring really rolls around. But the structure is built and they look fantastic. Not to mention sturdy and will hold all the canned goods we can stuff into it. The china closet side will have glass doors and will feature our extra serving dishes etc, while the pantry side will contain removable shelves and be covered with solid doors. He also added a double deep cabinet with hooks on the far right side to hold 4 folding chairs!



10 thoughts on “Pantry Progress 

    • Thanks! It does feel like a lot, but having Matt home full time is truly what works best for us. I work all day in the office, he works all day on house remodel and keeping things moving there. That and having almost ZERO commitments on the weekends keeps us focused. Eye on the prize: house done before baby comes!

      • Oh…your pantry! That is beautiful. Have you picked out a theme for the babies room? I love that you are going to have a baby. You two deserve to have that wonderful experience. It will change everything for the best!!! Grandma Diane

      • We will be putting together a surf/beach themed nursery: white/aqua/orange. Though we have to finish the upstairs first so it will be a project probably a few months after baby arrives 🙂

  1. I love the beach theme …. I have a bedroom for when my grandson comes with the ocean theme. In fact one of your wind chimes is in his guest room. Nice to hear what your colors are. Sounds perfect for you.

    • I love that my seaglass hangs in there! I am working on a super duper large one for our little one’s nursery 🙂

      • Oh Yes….I love mine. I have one of your extra large ones as well. It hangs over my outdoor covered porch area. When you say orange, do you mean orange? Or pale like peach? I know I seem snoopy, but I have something in mind for the nursery. I have crocheted baby blankets for all my grandkids….I think you need one! G’ma Diane

      • That big white mobile is one of my favorites ever! Oh you are so sweet! Yes, bold teal, white and orange orange 🙂

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