December 16th Check In

December is cruising by, but feels like December this year! Our house is still remodel crazy but we do have a Christmas tree up and it all feels so cozy. Last weekend Matt finished the chimney and gas line and closed up the hole in our house (phew!). Good timing too because it has been COLD! We even had two snows this month which is rare for our little island. Another milestone: reinstalling the cat porch! To put in the new gas line, Matt had to move the cat porch (outdoor litter box palace that connect through a cat door in the wall!) so the litter box has been living in the spare bathroom (ick!). Well that is all coming to a close today and we will have our clean bathroom back! One step at a time, this house is getting done.

Can you believe Christmas is next weekend? We are hosting the Feast of Seven Fishes at our house Christmas Eve and have been refining this year’s menu. I did the first round of shopping this week and will tie up loose ends next week. Matt is focused on keeping the menu authentic Italian (after all, this is an Italian tradition we are adopting from his family) and we are working hard to get the details right.

I shipped two mobiles last week and have another going out tomorrow. It has been so much fun seeing my artwork be gifted and loved! January will be focused on 3 custom orders and celebrating 1 year of being an official business!

It has been a cold and clear end to the year and we are so looking forward to celebrating the holidays with family in a week!


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