Fundamental Orchardist

When Matt and I got married, I learned that my new last name meant “orchardist” in French. How cool is that?

Even cooler, I have been bit by the orchard bug and am embracing this title as part of my identity. Earlier this spring we placed our first fruit tree order. A few apples, a pear, mulberry and peach. Somewhat unique varieties but our choices were made though quite virgin eyes.


Planting these trees brought me more joy that I could have fathomed they would. I grew up with my dad’s collection of fruit trees, but was never that interested. Now I am hooked. Last week three more trees joined out orchard and I am counting down the days until we (someday) buy the land next door and have more space to plant. I have a list of old, rare heirloom apple trees that I want to plant and eat.

So far on our homestead we have:


  • Spartan
  • Northern Spy
  • Honeycrisp
  • Enterprise



  • Ubileen
  • Red Sensation Bartlett



  • Reliance




3 thoughts on “Fundamental Orchardist

    • Dance around it in circles! Just kidding, it actually gives huge beautiful long berries that look similar to blackberries but seedless. Supposed to be wonderful fresh or for cooking!

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