DIY Bean Trellis

The planting area of our garden has doubled in size this year, and thanks to a winter of cover crop, the soil is also improving! We are going gangbusters with our favorite crops: kale, beans and tomatoes. We are growing other things too, but much of our plot is filled with these three.

We grow an awesome runner bean that my parents brought back from Spain. A sort of Romano bean; it grown 10-12 inches long and 1-1.5 inches wide. You eat the whole thing and it has a sweet, tender pod. Perfect quickly steamed with butter or just raw off the vine!

Last year we grew two 8 foot rows of these beans and had enough to eat and freeze, but rationed them over the winter. We saved seeds and this year have 4 20-foot rows! That required a lot of trellis, and this year we pulled out all the stops.

Salvaged rebar from an old fence on the property (score!), bamboo from our clump, and lots and lots of hand tied twine made a beautiful piece of art that will support our (hopefully!) bumper crop this year! Some of the pieces were curved or bent from their prior life, so it just adds to the character. They look like something out of Dr. Seuss! Last year our trellis was made only of bamboo and twine and started to sag towards the end of the season. Also, late summer winds made it fall over with all the weight of beans. Rebar should be a very solid solution!


Two rows are planted, the next two will be put in the ground in a few more weeks to spread out the harvest.


2 thoughts on “DIY Bean Trellis

    • Thanks! We are growing lots of tomatoes, kale, potatoes and beans, but also raspberries, blueberries and just put in some fruit trees for future years. Check out the “homestead” tab to get monthly play-by-plays of our progress 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

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