Seeds and a Plan

Spring has turned to a spurt of summer (86 degrees in April!?) and our projects are full speed ahead. The garden has been my territory this year. Turning over last winter’s cover crop and leveling soil, breaking new ground, moving plants, and planting seeds have taken over my life the past two weeks. It looks great. Two rows of raspberries create a beautiful border along the fence line, a new fig tree (from Matt’s grandpa’s yard) is in the northwest corner surrounded by calendula and row after row of squash, beans and potatoes are going to pop up any day. We have tomato, beet, cabbage and basil sprouted on the deck waiting for the right moment to go in the ground. This week I had another success: 3 chestnut trees popped up from my fall planting!

Indoors is a flurry of activity too. Matt is making final coats on the cove ceiling (a project that has proved to be a lot more drying time than anticipated!), progress on the hardwood floors and a to-do list that is a mile long. This week we decided that a plan might help, so I popped into project manager mode and made us a project schedule, linking steps in order of when they need to happen. This way we only think about the “now” steps, knowing that the “later” steps are thought about, just in the queue. That was helpful. On the to-do list now? Order tile for the entry, take out exiting wood floors in entry, install the removed pieces in the kitchen, then on to cabinet construction!


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