April Updates

The sunshine and warm weather has arrived! The 70 degree weekend was glorious and full. Friday night we spent the night at my in-laws and then drove out to Enumclaw to pick up our slate blackboard slabs (future kitchen counters!). We got 14 slabs (so so cool!!!) salvaged from an old school and are thrilled to report that all 14 made it back to the island intact.

I spent the rest of the day weeding and working in the garden. Sunday was a repeat of that, evidenced by a fresh new plot created for a bed of potatoes. I also planted our saved tomato seeds from last year. Matt plugged away inside the house with all the windows and doors open; music blasting. We are on the final stretch of wall/ceiling repair completing the curved plaster edges. So many skills to learn! It looks great.

We topped off the weekend with dinner in the backyard with friends. Grilled pork and pineapple skewers, coconut rice and fresh sauted chard from the garden. Cheers.


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