Slate Blackboard Countertops

I am bursting at the seams with excitement!

For months (years?) we have been trying to decide on countertop options for our kitchen. It currently has speckled white/black/grey granite 12×12 tiles. We don’t mind the granite as a material, but we do not like the grout lines or busy pattern.

Now that we are adding two new sections of countertop with the remodel (hooray counter space!) we were in decision mode:

Option 1, keep the existing tile and buy more so the new counters match

Option 2, leave the existing granite tile sections and add a different material for the new counters. Butcher block?

Option 3, replace it all!

We have gone around and around with these options. Money is a big factor. The value of just “doing it now” is weighing heavily on us (no kids, Matt is available for labor, the house is a wreck anyway…we don’t want to go back into kitchen remodel mode in a few years). This had us leaning towards option 3. But replace with what? We have poured through research and options. Originally we wanted concrete. Then we looked at granite and quartz. We liked the non-patterny aspects of the quartz, but did not like that it was man made. We liked granite, and really liked the honed finished options, but not the pricetag. So we were stuck.

Decision time has been a long way off up till now. We are needing to make some choices!

As of Monday, we had actually settled on the halfway point: Option 2. This was the most cost effective and most likely to be turned into option 3 at some point in the future. Then a meeting happened.

In my professional life I consult with school districts. At a meeting on Tuesday we the discussion happened towards the kitchen remodel and our selection of countertops. Low and behold, there was my solution. The district is rebuilding a school and has a huge collection of surplus vintage blackboards. These are not your modern painted surfaces, but solid sheets of beautiful, smooth black slate.


  • Natural material – check
  • Matte surface – check
  • Dark, solid color – check
  • Price – free is hard to beat! (though will require some serious cleaning up)
  • Salvaged/repurposed – check
  • DIY friendly – from what I can tell, yes!

After some quick research we think this will be exactly what we want. It checks all the boxes and fits our vision more perfectly than any other material we had considered.

Saturday morning we will load up the slabs, bring them home and start the process of creating the perfect countertops for our beautiful DIY kitchen remodel.

Curious where we are now? Check out our May 2017 update!



6 thoughts on “Slate Blackboard Countertops

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  4. Lauren, I really like this idea of slate countertops and love that you’ve proven them a good choice. I have a very bad tiled countertop with huge grout seams that needs to go, so this post is most appreciated.

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