Great Expectations

I enter each weekend with great expectations. Drywall will be done, right? Ha. I am learning that remodels present many many little “projects” that must be addressed before the finishing touches are ready to start. I am trying to adjust my expectations accordingly too. It is hard!

In any project there are major milestones. You can’t start Y and Z until X happens. For us, the big X was getting new cabinets. I had been trolling craigslist looking for matching (or at least matching enough) cabinets to add to our existing set. We actually have nice cabinets already, so there was no need to replace them (nor was it in the budget!). The existing set will be painted white anyway, so as long as the doors matched enough it did not matter what finish the two additional ones were in. We could have waited for a PERFECT match, but that would have held up the whole project. So Friday we picked up the best ones we had available…and they were only $20 each! Solid cherry with a super similar profile. Perfect!

Now that cabinets were procured (as well as 6 sheets of cabinet grade plywood) and safely back on the island (which in the pouring rain was an adventure with the pickup…) we could size and start the new wall for the kitchen and pantry.

This section of floor will be covered in new hardwood floors (thicker than existing so it meets the existing kitchen) so instead of covering the beautiful old floors, I pulled them up for salvage. I was thrilled that they came up easily and intact! We will use them in creating new decorative thresholds where there used to be walls (and now have a gap in the flooring). Our neighbor graciously lent us use of his table saw and the flooring is now ripped into beautiful 1” strips. I sanded the edges and they are ready to go!

Matt built the wall, worked his way through some electrical challenges, I mudded in the basement, and we are making progress! We redesigned the south wall cabinet and counter, adding a section of upper built in shelves and a deeper coutnertop to make room for appliances. Designing on the fly? Yes please! I am so glad we can work through things as they pop up and have simmilar taste and vision.

Does it look how I envisioned after a full weekend of work? Nope. Is it awesome? Yes. Absolutely. And on we trek with the remodel.


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