Living without a Kitchen

The wall is down! Last week the wall came down and we spent the weekend making progress to get it finished. Electrical always throws curveballs in an old house (wires everywhere!) but we figured it out. Uneven rafters and old lath layers makes hanging drywall a not-straightforward process. Let’s just say drywall shims are the best invention ever. Even with all this excitement and progress (and boy does it look good!!!) the house remodel is officially getting old. We always knew it would take awhile, but I am getting really tired of living without a functional kitchen. Yes, it is temporary, yes it is worth it, but I really just want some hot tea.

Since our stove is right in the middle of all the action it is turned off and secured in plastic. And will be for at LEAST another week while we work on drywall/mudding/sanding/mudding/sanding etc with no wall between the kitchen and construction zone. So we are down to our toaster oven, regular oven and grill for cooking. I broke down and bought some Trader Joe’s frozen lasagnas. And a take-and-bake pizza. And Costco chicken. We do not want to eat out all the time so this is the next best thing. Matt has been great at coming up with meals still, but it is a lot of work to clean the kitchen enough just to make ANYTHING. Dust. Everywhere. Everywhere. We have to rinse every dish before we use it.

Other than that, things are great! Last weekend we took 2,500 lbs (!) of debris to the dump. Thank goodness for borrowing my dad’s truck. Four trips to the hardware store and we had the ceiling closed up finally. Matt has been tackling drywall this week and is learning how to do plaster curved ceilings. Our dining room has curved ceilings, but our new design requires that we put up some more to finish the space. Thank goodness for a detail oriented DIY husband! (follow along @seattleturtle on Instagram for more photos of the progress)

Meanwhile, I ordered 40 asparagus plants (bounty is what we are shooting for here!) and I am looking forward to starting seeds.

Sun Turtle Studio officially made it’s first Etsy sale to someone I don’t know! 8 total sales and a few more custom orders coming. I am working on a large scale white piece that I cannot wait to debut. Also in progress is design of my business cards. Technology to get the design in my head made into usable image files has been my issue. Should be solved soon if I can get things together.

Looking forward to the weekend! It has been a long week.


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