Dust Stress

The dust is starting to get to me.

Our main floor remodel has hit another phase of demo. We got to a point late last week where we did not know what to do next. Matt consulted with a very helpful contractor who walked him through the next steps and verified that we were on the right track. So beyond helpful!

So now we are taking those steps. I came home from work Tuesday to the sound of sawing. Not just little bits, but major sawing. The wall between our living room and the new dining room was gone! So awesome! Downside: there is so so much dust. Even with the area “sealed” up with plastic is just gets everywhere. We are cleaning as we go, have a HEPA vac going all the time but it will still mean a major deep clean when this is all over. Worth it (I keep telling myself).


We also got a new tool. Matt is funny…he never thought he would be a tool guy but now loves getting new tools. The multi tool is a quick favorite. I so wish we had a garage for him to have a workshop.

By the end of this weekend things are going to look pretty different!


One thought on “Dust Stress

  1. With my Dad’s workshop in the basement our whole house was forever dusty. But probably not as dusty as it would have been tearing down walls. So proud of you both for tackling this huge job. Love you. Grammy

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