Demolition & Seaglass Weekend

We knew it was going to be a busy, full weekend. To kick it off, we had chocolate croissants from Trader Joes and extra good coffee. (If you have not tried the frozen, bake-at-home croissants, do it NOW). Powered up with a tasty breakfast we were ready to tackle the weekend.

#1 priority: start demolition on the [old guestroom] new dining room closet. The closet sits between the [old guestroom] new dining room and kitchen…aka, the wall that is coming out! We started by moving furniture into the basement and into the corner of the room and covering it in plastic. Then taped thick paper to protect the floors. Matt worked on disconnecting the electrical and labeling circuits so that we could take down the drywall.

While Matt destroyed walls I worked on seaglass mobiles and shipping orders (!) for the Etsy shop. I officially launched last week and have had great feedback and 6 sales! So exciting! I also ran a giveaway on Instagram/Facebook which was a learning experience and fun. So awesome to see so many people engaged with my shop and creative process!

I have added more mobiles (new and past designs) to the shop and standardized $5 shipping for all orders. If you have not checked it out, please do and let me know what you think!

Sunday morning we each took an hour to ourselves. I worked on mobiles (surprised?) and Matt played some computer games. We took a quick walk down to the beach, and then it was back to work. Goodbye closet!

This week we need to figure out a final molding plan for the house. We are going to take out 99% of what is there (very standard, very boring molding) and put up bigger, 1920s era pieces to bring back the house’s original character. We also need to take a dump run because we have piles of drywall and lath everywhere! So proud of my hand husband for taking on this project!



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