Mermaid Treasure: Sea Glass Mobiles

I have officially caught the sea glass bug. A month ago I did not even know that it existed! But after inspiration in Kauai, followed by collecting back in the PNW AND finding a creative art outlet with it…I am hooked.

This past week I completed my first FULL mobile. Isn’t it stunning? Teal and other ocean hues collected from Kauai and home:


I am on a roll with seven more in production and many more in the planning stage. I have plans for these first few and then am looking at outlets to sell them. Etsy? Some island shops? Word of mouth? I am exploring my options and will see how it goes. More finished mobile pics coming soon!


My “studio” is currently the (very crowded) dining room table. I would love to set up in a more comfortable (and warmer) part of the house but construction and drywall dust reign pretty much all other spaces right now.

How is that going you ask? Awesome! This week Matt ripped out old lath and plaster from the interior of the to-be guest room closet and put up fresh, clean and non-crumbling drywall. The closet feels cleaner and much less creepy. The attic access is through the ceiling so he rebuilt that too. Since it is cold and rainy though the mud dries slowly so progress is not as fast as we would always hope. So like I said last week, maybe THIS week we will be wrapping up this phase!

In between rounds of tying sea glass this weekend we managed to get a ton done. I baked 3 kinds of biscotti, planted daffodils and 40+ chestnut trees (!), took a beach walk, went to town and cleaned up the yard. Matt was buried in the closet surrounded by dust.IMG_9405[1]

Christmas will be a lovely pause from all this work and filled with family and rest. We are looking forward to it even if our poor tree has not made it up yet.


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