Hooked on Sea Glass

Matt may say “hooked” does not even describe it.  I came back from Kauai with an art project in mind and have spun it up to a whole different level of obsession.

Last weekend, Matt and I collected for an hour in the chilly December rain. Before breakfast. My parents have been assigned the task of bringing back sea glass from their adventures in Curacao. Instagram, Facebook…both are turned into long scrolls of sea glass posts from around the world. I am hooked! (interested? #seaglass has a TON, #pnwseaglass (aka: us cold weather beach walkers, not so many)

In all seriousness, I needed something like this. A hobby that lets me reconnect with my artistic side and is free (well, almost. I did have to buy some storage boxes for my ballooning collection…) I am still trying to find the time (and clean surface) to get starting in making my projects, but the collection of the materials is well underway.

I am learning a lot about sea glass too. Turns out there is quite a community dedicated to it! Books and a newly released color/rarity guide (on my wish list) make this feel pretty “real”.

Can you tell I am a little bit excited about my new hobby? Looking forward to sharing see glass creations and findings!


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