What’s Up?

Things have been pretty quiet around the blog these days. The rest of life is just so full! The holidays are here are we are busy as ever! Major construction project on the house, vacation, garden wrap up, new hobbies, family time and of course those run of the mill things like work and cooking and sleeping.

So lets to a quick update, shall we?

In early November we spent 8 days in Kauai with my parents. It was a fun trip, lots of good beaches and waterfalls. Awesome shave ice. The snorkeling was sub par (we are so spoiled!) and surfing was not what we had hoped for, but it was a good trip. Nice to get away before the holidays! And bonus, we got bumped on the flight home and have $1000 in travel vouchers to use! Now to plan another trip…


When we came back, the weather had turned. We huge windstorm downed tons of trees and ripped out hot tub cover apart. Any suggestions on a good inexpensive place to get a new one? Replacing it was not something we had planned on. Ah homeownership!

We had hastily planted cover crop over 90% of the garden before we left, and most of it was up when we returned. How much it will grow in the cold weather will remain to be seen. The chickens are hunkered down for the cold too. The weeks of 24+ a week have shriveled to maybe 1-2 eggs a day. Half the girls are molting, poor Dude roo had a cold, and the new girls are slowing from the lack of light. They got a fresh layer of bedding and lots of produce scraps this weekend. Next project: growing our own mealworms.IMG_9065[1]

The garden has taken a backseat to what is happening indoors. Remember those ideas of remodeling the main floor of our house? Taking out walls and moving doors and rooms around? It is happening, people. As it stands, phase 1a is nearly done, phase 1b is in progress, and phase 1c and 1d are coming soon!

BEFORE (phase 1a and 1b)


The house is divided up with plastic sheeting, dust is everywhere and thank goodness we are not hosting anything soon! Tearing into the walls of our house has been quite the learning experience! We are sharpening our skills (Matt is lead on demo and construction while I head up cleanup and supervision and supply runs) and really learning a lot about our house. For example: the main entry to our living room, in a main load bearing wall? No header. Someone did a chop job back in the day that we are now fixing right. Also, the house has random remnants of ventilation systems and lath+plaster. Totally random stuff that (thank goodness) and sawzall can handle! By next weekend we should be able to finish the new guest room and put up a Christmas tree!IMG_9126[1]

To keep sane during all this upheaval Matt and I are bonding over some new obsessions hobbies. Both require lots of time, looking at the ground, and meticulous cleaning and fun research. For him, mushroom hunting, for me, hunting sea glass. We realized that Vashon is a great place for both if you know where to look! I was inspired during our trip to Kauai when I saw a mobile/wall hanging that I wanted to buy, and instead decided to scavenge my own supplies and make it. Mild vacation interest has turned to full-fledged obsession! Saturday we took a mid-day demo break and hunted over a quart of glass! After being cleaned it is now sorted and on a tray in the very messy dining room. I cannot wait to find more and learn more about it! (PS – mushroom + sea glass road trips are in our future)

So yea, things are busy. And it is all good. Matt and I are great project partners. I am seriously amazed at how well we work together on things that could be very stressful. And we cannot wait to see this house transformation take place!IMG_9118[1]


4 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. I want to learn from you about meal worm growing! The lady at my pet supply store told me to ck out the following sites. I’ll be googling them when I get home Soldier fly larva Self sufficient life Chicken chick Fresh eggs daily 😉

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    • Thanks Tania! It is much needed…otherwise we would burn out on house projects and go crazy with all the demo dust in the house! I am planning to make mobiles! I saw a stunning on in Kauai and I cannot wait to give it a try. Stay tuned for photos 🙂 I feel very very lucky to live in a place where I can collect beach glass just down the road

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