Poor Dude Man Roo

Our poor rooster, Dude. His job just got a whole lot harder.

Back in the days of 4 hens, he was clearly in charge. The ladies came when he called them over for food, followed him around, and basically did whatever he said. He would make awesome dinosaur sounds whenever a threatening creature (hawk, eagle, raven, raccoon, etc) would come by…and yes, sometimes when his ladies were threatened by the ominous robin flying by. He was really good at his job.

Then we added two young birds, Dee Dee and Baja. These two really want nothing to do with him or the older gals and stick to themselves. You can tell that Dude still feels responsible for them because he wanders between the two groups and tries to call them all together.

Of course, it did not stop there. The final straw was this weekend when we brought home yet another two young hens, Lemon and Penny. Dude man does not know what to make of this. These two girls also just want to stick to themselves. Again, basically ignore him. But he is the Dude Man Roo! He is in charge gosh darn it! It is up to him to protect these fine ladies! Poor guy is struggling with his job. The hens are scattered in 3 little flocks, he is patrolling the center of the yard in the hot sunshine.

Thankfully, we think things will settle down for him. The young hens are getting bigger (which is important if they are going to stand up to Mary the moody bully) and more comfortable in their new home. The coop is pretty calm at night and there have been no significant scuffles. I think Dude man will regain his reign soon, and have those hens in line my mid-summer. After all, it is his job. In the meantime, he gets extra treats to get him through the transition.IMG_4543[1]


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