Planting has slowed and the garden is in growing stage. Matt waters each morning and checks for signs of new sprouting veggies. The tomatoes produced their first phase of flowers which have since been plucked to conserve energy for roots and height. A final bed was formed on the southern side of the garden for pumpkins, squash, cucumbers and broccoli. Now we wait.

Well, not quite. Now we focus attention on finishing the cedar edge to the garden and removing paint in preparation for a new house color. We never seem to get as much done as we expect to in a day or week.The list continues to loom.

Our homestead is a bit more fun with the addition of two new young hens. Dee Dee (or if you ask Matt, Didi) and Baja are our two newbies from another island farm. Baja is some sort of Easter egger and Dee Dee a barred rock. Both are very sweet, but too small to add into the “big girl” flock. They are content to be in a playpen eating treats while the big girls roam the yard. Little Baja was obviously picked on in her old flock…she has some injured tail feathers (they should replace just fine in a molt) and some crooked toes. We are splinting the toes to (we hope) straighten them out, but she may already be too old. She sure is cute! In two more weeks we adopt 2 more young hens from a friend of a friend and those 4 can grow bigger together. It is fun to add more hens, but also stressful. There are always fears of health issues and conflict, but that is also just part of the reality. Our older hens are laying less often so we need some young birds to pick up the slack.

Life on the island. Busy, busy busy, and good. We are going to take one day this long Memorial Day weekend to step back from projects and just have fun.

IMG_4089[1] IMG_4041[1] IMG_4057[1] IMG_4029[1]


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