Rules of the Farm

With nearly 15 hours of daylight right now we can put in some majorly long days in the garden. We have found a few ground rules (found through trial and error of course) help keep things smooth, on track, and productive around the farm.


  • Drink water. We always have a water bottle in the garden with us and remind each other to use it! No passing out or headaches allowed.
  • Wear eye/ear protection always. Matt and I both make a point to emphasize this so it becomes second nature. Safety glasses may not look too sexy, but have saved our eyes many times from routine disturbances like flying soil, and more extreme things like flying nails or brackets when hanging the fence.
  • Eat breakfast. We take time to eat before we hit the garden. Again, no headaches or passing out (or getting grumpy) allowed.
  • Team decisions on project priorities. We learned very quickly that we can have different opinions and visions for what needs to get done when. This could lead to conflict with unmet expectations on what was going to get done. So now, we talk about it…a lot. We prioritize and stick to the list. When it gets derailed, we agree on when to take the alternate path and when to keep pressing on. Lots and lots of communication is key!
  • Take breaks. Matt and I are always checking in on how things are going. When one of us needs a break, we take it. No “just one more post” or “let’s just finish this”…we take the break. Drink lemonade, eat a snack, sit down. There is no shame in not powering through on our farm.
  • Always put the tools away. Always. The shovels are hung, extension cords coiled up and hand tools stored in the shed or basement. Always.
  • Laughter is not optional. There must always be teasing, laughing and fun! Even on those long, hard days when we are sore to the bone.

The result? More work gets done, fewer toes get stepped on and we are happy and healthy at the end of the day.


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