All In One Week

In one week, our back yard and garden went from this:


to this:


A 45×65’, 8 foot tall deer fence now proudly stands protecting a new garden. A huge improvement from the previous one. It is in a better location sun-wise, much bigger, and no longer crowds out the back woods and garden shed.

It was a long week. A week ago Friday we picked up my parent’s truck and picked up 48, 10’ cedar fence posts.IMG_3040[1]

Saturday was digging posts and hanging out first panel. Sounds easy, in reality it was a really steep learning curve. The digging post holes was not so bad, but moving and hanging those 20×8 metal remesh panels was a pain! Keeping things level, straight and tight really should have been a 3-4 person job. But we made it work with just us two.IMG_3202[1]

Matt made some progress during the week and I helped hang a few more panels after work. The challenge in the evening is that you are already tired. We learned quickly that hanging panels and digging accurate fence posts is better done with full energy and patience. Tempers are too short and little hiccups are much more painful when you are tired. Funny chicken helpers are good mood lifters too.IMG_3244[1]


Friday we made more progress, and Saturday even more. Of course we had more than just the fence to work on. Matt went to a chainsaw class while I picked up animal food, went to a garage sale (scored new rubber boots and snorkel fins!) and then we picked up a truck load of manure. Had to make full use of the truck! And those new boots came just in time. My old pair tore at the heel and would have been really disgusting to wear climbing around in the manure pile.IMG_3186[1]

After the crazy busy morning, of course it decided to downpour sideways rain…but only for about 20 mins and we were back at it working on the fence. Unfortunately by that time Matt’s hands were shot from digging holes and my knee decided it was the perfect time to collapse, pop (what a horrible sound) and swell up. Sunday we worked slowly and carefully and managed to put in the final panel around 4:45 in the evening. The fence is up!

We collapsed in the house. I was too tired to even open a bottle of wine (Matt helped me out). We ate random things from our refrigerator in pre-vacation clean-out mode. Drank leftover bottles of wine from the neighbor’s weekend tastings, and watched The Endless Summer nursing our sore knees and hands.

The garden looks awesome but it is far from done. The fence will have a horizontal post spanning the vertical ones (additional tension for the floppy panels), we will edge the garden with 4x4s and build artsy doors for the 3 entrances. Not to mention all the grass removal before we plant. But with some temporary doors we will be deer proof and ready to plant as soon as we get back from vacation!


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