All the Pretty Eggs

The official start to Spring is not until tomorrow, but you could have fooled me! It has felt like spring for MONTHS here. It is disconcerting how warm it has been. Snow on the mountains is nonexistent. It hardly even rained. Then last weekend it dumped so much that we broke a record for rainfall by nearly an inch. Crazy.

Flowering trees are already past their peak in some areas. Our daffodils have been blooming for weeks. And the chickens are beyond happy!

Warmer, longer days mean egg production is up! Belle, Helen and Rita have all been laying pretty consistently, but we were waiting on our youngest bird, Mary, to start. We could not wait to see what color her eggs would add to our rainbow cartons.

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Matt: he found Mary’s first clutch of eggs! Apparently she had laid 3 in a little nest under one of the nesting boxes. Sweet little baby eggs! And guess what? They are a pinky light brown…a beautiful addition to our blue, dark brown and light brown eggs.

In April we plan to add 2-3 more hens to our flock. I would like a Rhode Island Red, Austrolorp and one one other (breed TBD).

And how is our Rooster Dude doing? He is so much fun! He really keeps those girls in line and does a great job looking after them. He is pretty funny too…always wanting treats and standing on the tallest thing he can find. We love having him around!


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