Tales from Belize: Snorkeling

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Snorkeling was a priority for this trip, which was really the driving reason we selected Belize as a travel destination. Many of our vacations revolve around surfing these days, but for now, we just wanted to see cool underwater stuff. The Barrier Reef of Belize did not disappoint. Crystal clear visibility, tons of fish, rays, sharks, and coral…and did I mention rays and sharks?! So awesome.

We started the trip on Tobacco Caye, and found a huge host of marine life to explore by taking a long snorkel around the outside of the reef. Not a “spot” exactly but beautiful none the less. We saw our first eagle rays and a HUGE (*what we call) Dinner table ray. The underwater scene was like miniature mountain ranges formed by underwater rivers. It was beautiful.

Once on Ambergis Caye we checked out a snorkel destination, Mexican Rocks, as a shore trip. You usually pay $40+ to take a boat tour out there, but we drove our golf cart north (that is a whole other story!) and then swam out to the reef. (note: What was waiting for us was epic: sharks and rays EVERYWHERE! Not to mention fish, coral and beautiful underwater topography. It was great.

We also took a boat trip out to Hol Chan (marine reserve), Shark/Ray Alley and Coral Gardens. All where super unique, beautiful and totally worth the trip. More sharks, rays and turtles! Some of the best snorkeling I have had in a long time, and so heartwarming to see such healthy reefs.

Matt did a lot of snorkeling off the beach and from boat piers while I sunned and relaxed. It was such a treat to see so many ocean critters, and healthy looking reefs. I admit I am a snorkel snob. I have been fortunate enough to dive and snorkel in some pretty pristine and amazing places, and so it takes a good site to really keep me interested. Belize was some of the best I have seen in a long time. The only thing that drove me out of the water was getting too cold. We are already excited to go back!


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