Our hens are laying! Well, to be fair, at least one of them is. The ladies are loving their new found freedom wandering the yard on days that we are home. They are out there rain or shine…at least until we spot a raccoon in the area. We do have a rooster, but are not sure how aggressively he will defend his ladies yet. He is pretty young and does not seem to realize he is a rooster yet. So to be safe, they get locked up again if a predator is close by. Better safe than sorry. Soon we will have a good size run built for them.

Last Tuesday Matt proudly brought in our first egg. A beautiful one, dark brown with small darker brown speckles. Friday morning we got another one. Our guess is they are being laid by Belle, our buff orpington.

Now that we are getting to know our chickens better we also discovered that they came with some mild cases of feet mites. These microscopic critters chew under the scales on the hen’s feet, causing raised scales and pain. We are treating it with Vaseline and even after only one application their feet are looking MUCH better. Scaly dryness and raised scales look moisture and pink…on the path to recovery!


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