Feeling Very French: Friends and Croissants

A few weeks back I met up with a dear friend for lunch. We selected delectable sandwiches from a local shop in Pioneer Square, and shared conversations about travel, adventures, husbands, jobs, future babies, and of course, food. Cassie and I are friends from college but we were not really friend then. Simply acquaintances as she was the roommate of my good friends’ cousin. However her fiery curls, feisty personality and zest for life told me that we needed to be friends. Luckily we both ended up in Seattle and now share lunch dates about once a month. We have a ball. I am also secretly (or not so secretly) recruiting them to move to Vashon.

Anyway, our lunchtime conversation turned to food and the topic was goodies at Trader Joes. “Have you tried the frozen bake-at-home croissants?” I was asked. Nope. Next time I went I picked up a box. Last Friday, before bed, I set them out on a silpat covered baking sheet to proof and dreamed of golden flakey goodness.

Saturday morning did not disappoint. The chocolate croissants had puffed up and baked to a crispy golden brown. With fresh ground lattes and warm-from-the-oven croissants Matt and I felt very French. I texted Cassie with the rave review. Go figure, she and her hubby had eaten them the day before. And kept their heat on at night just to make sure they would rise. They are that good.

Thank you, Cassie, for the epic suggestion for our weekend breakfast adventure. I do admit that I picked up another box, and forayed into a box of almond filled ones as well. The taste test comes tomorrow as we kick off another island weekend.