Chicken Mama

After nearly two weeks of quarantine in their new coop, our little flock was let into the yard on Saturday. Cesar jumped out with gusto and ran around in his new found freedom, quickly followed by the girls. We had kept them cooped up so that they would get comfortable with their new home and know where to return for safety at night.

Ten minutes into freedom land those chickens found the ultimate joy: chicken dirt baths in the freshly tilled soil next to their coop. Five birds covered in dirt, flopping and flipping around…it was hilarious!

They milled around the yard while Matt and I finished the cat porch.

And then around 2:30, like clockwork, they put themselves to bed! I was one proud chicken mama.

Now the cat porch is complete, our chickens are happy (and had better start laying some eggs…), the cat litter boxes are officially and forever OUT of the house, and our house is clean. The holidays are over but we are setting ourselves up for a solid start to 2015. I was honestly ready to get back to work. It gives me structure, and an excuse to work out. Both are key right now because I we are in countdown mode to Belize! And I am happy to report that our chicken friends and kitties are all set for the vacation too.


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