New Year

We rang in 2015 with a bottle of champagne from our 2012 wedding, crab rose pasta and a moonlit beach walk in matchng brown overalls right from our front door. And love, lots of love.

It was a good start, but clouded too. Depression is part of our household and it is in a down point right now. Things are still good, just not as cheery or fun as they sometimes are. New Year’s seems like one big party, but I know that there are others dealing with hard times too. For all of you, I hope your 2015 becomes more beautiful as they year goes on.

We also lost one of our new adopted hens. Holly never acted total normal, but we were not sure if it was the stress from moving or something worse. By Wednesday I knew something was seriously wrong when she would not come investigate food, but instead just huddled in a corner of the coop with her eyes closed. Thursday was no better, so Matt and I brought her up to the house to check her out further. After reading TONS about chicken illness online I still did not have the slightest clue what was wrong, but then she passed away in my arms. We buried her this morning. Rest in peace sweet Holly.

It has been a rough start, but we will press on. Tonight we are having fresh cabbage, kale sausage soup and tomorrow trying out chocolate croissants from Trader Joes (recommended by a dear friend, Cassie). We are also headed to Belize soon and looking forward to some sunshine and beach time.

Happy New Year


2 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Lauren – I’m so happy to read you have chickens but so sorry to read about losing Holly. I’m so sorry – it is never easy. Sometimes there are no signs at all since birds, by nature, mask it for self-preservation. My hope is that the other girls and Cesar flourish. Wishing you a Happy New Year!! p.s. those chocolate croissants from Trader Joe’s are outstanding!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the condolences Staci…it was hard but all part of the reality of keeping chickens. it was a good lesson early on for us (and particularly Matt since he has never been through this before). And those croissants…oh man, SO GOOD!!! Happy New Year to you!

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