Homestead Project Update

Things are busy on the Vashon homestead! With our living room all put together and the door/wall project done you would think we would be taking a break for the holidays. Ha! That is what Matt thought too.

Nope, we are in full project mode even though we tried our best to take it easy. We really wanted to get the cat porch done before Christmas guest arrived so we started on that two weekends ago. I trimmed up bushes out front while Matt tackled the wall from the inside. We were way too optimistic on how long it would take to cut this whole correctly. 3 saws and 2 days later we have a hole, very well cut, but the cat door is not yet installed. With daylight so limited right now it is impossible to get work done during the week. So it waits again till next weekend.

To top that project off I found a free chicken coop and 5 hens that needed a new home! So onto the project board that went. Last weekend we prepped the coop site, clearing branches and liming up a tree. We also investigated and measured the coop to see how we needed to plan for transportation across the island.

On Sunday, the coop finally arrived at our house! It was a full day that included lots of supply shopping at Island Lumber, picking up a borrowed truck, calling some teenagers we know to help lift the coop…and finally FINALLY getting it back home. The coop is big, roughly 8 feet by 4 feet, and nearly 5 feet tall. Awkward to move to say the least. But four of us managed to load it into Mike’s truck and drive it across the island.

It fit through our gate by mere millimeters and now rests on some concrete blocks while we build a frame to set it on. We plan to put in a mini run under the coop, and a larger run attaching to that. Once we get the coop set next weekend (we hope!) we can pick up our 5 hens!


6 thoughts on “Homestead Project Update

    • We are making a covered enclosed porch (probably 3×6 or so) outside for the cats to hang out on and have their litter boxes! They will access it through a wall cat door and we access it outside. Stay tuned for photos!

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