The Big Tree

Our back yard had a big tree. Tall and strong, protecting us from erosion and giving a beautiful frame to our view.

But our tree is broken. It’s double trunk was a tell-tale sign that the tree would not be a permanent fixture in our yard. Plus, it shaded our prime gardening area and soaked up so much water nothing would grow beneath it.

Bittersweet was the day the tree started to deteriorate. Two weeks ago we lost one of the two trunks in a spectacularly perfect fall in our yard. It landed cleanly only taking out one fence post in the garden we plan to redesign anyway.

With all branches on one side of the tree, and a huge wound in the side, we knew it was time to take our tree out for good. Armed with plans for replanting, both garden and slope stabilizing plants, we are ready to reshape the look of our property. We found a guy on the island willing to help us just for fun, so this past Sunday, the tree came down. It was a great experience. He coached Matt through the process and let him do all the sawing. After a few strategic cuts, the tree fell exactly where we wanted it to with a spectacular crash! Success!

Now we have a much wider view, more sunsets, more garden space. But we will miss that tree. Thank you for the life you provided while you were here.


3 thoughts on “The Big Tree

  1. Aw this is definitely a bittersweet post! Bummer that the tree was rotting. It made the perfect frame for the view, but I understand the frustration of not being able to grow anything near it. At one of our old houses I had a giant maple tree of some sort that would lose all of its leaves in the winter, it was so creepy but so pretty outside of my bedroom window. Strange that I miss that tree the most about that house ha ha!

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