Fall Happenings

IMG_0923[1]A lot is happening in our little island life. Most obviously is the now prominent project overtaking our living room. Remember at the start of summer when we so carefully had the ceiling re-finished and everything painted and “done”? Ha. Done is never done when it comes to a house. The leak below the exterior door reappeared while cleaning the deck (that IS done!) and so we shuffled the priority list to replace the door. And while we are at it, why not make it a wider door?

After 3 estimates and lots of YouTube videos Matt decided to tackle the project himself. He is doing a great job. At this point the project is only open from the inside of the room but we are ready to install the new header and open up the door on Sunday. Next week we should be putting the room back together, have a nicely hung new (warmer!) door, new insulation and no leak!


Last weekend I attended my friend Diane’s bachelorette party. It was fun, but I am feeling old when I would rather just go to bed at 9 o’clock than just be heading out to the bars. All in all it was a good celebratory weekend though. Tonight we head off to Bellingham for the wedding!


Also new to our house is an antique cabinet that we have been hunting on Craigslist for MONTHS. The guy selling it was WAY overpriced in his expectation for it’s value. I have bought a lot of antiques on Craigslist and am good at spotting deals and fair prices. No wonder this one sat for 6+ months. It was too $$$. After 4+ phone calls and lots of detail about how much we wanted the cabinet we came to a price agreement that we could live with. It was still higher than it is “worth”, but worth it to us. Mainly because it is only 14” deep. You would not believe how hard it is to find a shallow cabinet! Plus it is the perfect design for our dining room. It is happily in place, filled with our dishware treasures and makes the room feel SO much bigger! Here is a preview from when were were loading it up:


We also had a milestone for the family: Grandpo’s house sold. It is the end of an era but the beginning for a new family that has big plans and so much love for this cool house. On Sunday we ventured to Tacoma to take one last swim in the pool and hot tub before keys turn over to the new owners.


Our garden is winding down. The last of the ripe tomatoes were picked and we are dehydrating them to store in olive oil. Yum! Last night we feasted on grilled eggplant from our garden, garnished with tuna, capers and cherry tomatoes. Yum!IMG_0930[1]

Overall life is good. We can feel the pace of things slowing down with Fall in the air. Traffic on the island is reduced by more than half. It is quiet and calm and cool at night. We are thinking of soup and bread and starting up the fireplace. It has been a great summer.


One thought on “Fall Happenings

  1. Wow, you guys have been busy! Have a great weekend in Bellingham — I’ve been wanting to get back up there for the longest time. And no shame in going to bed at 9pm… that’s all I do these days! 😉

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