Fair-well to Summer

With sunshine and temps in the 70s, it was the perfect end to a glorious PNW summer. Matt and I made the most of it with our annual trip to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, WA. Scone, corn dogs, ice cream, roller coasters, baby pigs, sunshine, Mutton Bustin and the Ferris Wheel at sunset were the perfect end to the warm weather.

We even snagged our annual jumping photo! Complete with awkward dad+stroller photo bomb. Oh well, it is hard enough to get someone to take the time to get A jumping photo let alone a re-do. This will have to work for this year!

We are getting back into Fall mode. House projects are wrapping up (hopefully before too much rain!) and the garden is ready for a final tomato harvest. We ordered a door for the back deck, so we are ready for the Saws-all to make it’s appearance on our big DIY project of widening the door and putting a new one in.

The next few weeks are pretty packed with wedding and cider pressing activity, but after that we will have a break to settle down, snuggle in and enjoy the cooler weather.


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