It Takes Two

As in two times as long to complete a project on a house. At least. I am happy to report that we have only a few hours of detail touch up work and our decks are DONE! Remember last year? Two optimistic islanders bought a cute little house that “barely needed any work”? Ha. We started repair on the rotting deck that summer (remember this Labor day post?) and I am not so pleased to report that we were still working on it on Labor Day 2014. However, it is ALMOST DONE!

Matt being at home has been a great help. Deck progress is being made, the kitchen is cleaner, and we have more time to think about more projects. I am getting overwhelmed with prioritization though. This past spring we tackled a large interior aesthetic project…drywall repair in our living room and basement. All was great until we were washing the deck this summer and realized that the leak that caused water damage (hence the repair work…) was still a leak. So now we need to replace the door to the deck. After three quote and lots of door pricing we have decided to go the economical DIY approach. Stay tuned for details and progress reports. Hopefully this one will be quicker than the deck.

More projects to think about: random little repairs, painting the hall and office, retaining wall in the garden, car port, chicken coop. Did I mention we feel like we have no time?

In the meantime we are figuring out balance in our new routine. Job searching has been frustrating for Matt, and my boss left at work so I am readjusting as well. We are budgeting more, balancing a lot of planned weekends, and feeling the exhaustion that comes at the end of a busy summer. It takes some extra patience, extra love and lots of communication to figure it all out.

Our garden was a great success. Tons of tomatoes, 3 eggplants still to pick, Spanish beans, purple jalapenos and lots of chard, broccoli greens (good braised) and hopefully some Brussels sprouts will start appearing.


One thought on “It Takes Two

  1. ha ha – barely needed any work? That’s funny. When we contemplated buying our home {old and in need of some TLC} we wondered if we should just buy a newer home that “barely needed any work” then realized, they all need something so what the heck. 🙂 Happy so much is getting done and hoping for Matt that he finds something soon!!

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