Homemade Weekend

Saturday morning, finally a weekend sleeping in at home! We went to the farmers market, came home for a pancake brunch in the back yard, then embarked on an epic array of kitchen creations. I canned some pickled beets, made homemade mint oreo ice cream (from our fresh mint!), and Matt pulled out all the stops on a huge rack of ribs. Yum yum!

This was my inaugural foray into canning. I have helped my mom in the past, read a thousand blog posts and recipes, and watched others do it, but this was ME solo canning for the first time. It probably would have gone more smoothly if I had canning tongs, and maybe read the recipe all the way through, and maybe not tried to make ice cream at the same time, and yea, a cleaner kitchen would have helped. All in all though it was a success! I prepared 3 lbs of island grown beets in a beautiful apple cider honey sauce. The canning went ok. One jar exploded through the bottom seconds after it went in the pot (still not sure why) but the other three are sitting on the counter with cleanly “pinged” lids. Success! I had a few too many beets for a 5th jar so just left those out to eat. So excited for the next canning adventure!

We are enjoying the sunshine, and time to do projects. Before the summer ends we are trying to finish the back and front deck paint, paint the rest of the garden shed, and get a few other odds and ends finished up. And we are getting chickens!!! We have been planning chickens for ages, but have not found time to make a coop (surprise surprise). Last week though a friend from grad school posted that she needed to re-home her ladies, coop and all! I jumped on it, and it sounds like we are going to get to adopt these four chucking hens!

Speaking of critters, our current kitty ladies both got baths today. Yes, baths. As in soap, water and yowling. They are pretty and fluffy and all set to snuggle though!

Our garden is in its peak. We harvested a rainbow of goodies today.

  •                 Red tomatoes (3 varieties!)
  •                 Orange/pink/red/yellow chard
  •                 Yellow cherry tomatoes
  •                 Green Spanish beans
  •                 Bright Green peppermint
  •                 Purple jalapenos

…and some dried sweet pea seeds and flowers

It is a beautiful summer weekend on the island.



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