One Year Ago

July 3, 2013 we spent our first night in our new home. Pizza picnic in the living room, mattress on the floor, and only a single car load of stuff in the house. And it felt GREAT!

A year has passed and the house is looking different. The living room drywall is cleaned up and painted, some of the rooms are unpacked and organized, and the garden is finally feeling somewhat under control. We are different too. We have friends on the island, are reliable “regulars” on the commute and really feel at home with the community. The people on the bus even call our corner “honeymoon corner”. Ha! Honeymoon Homestead may stick…

Just like last year we are also running around preparing for a camping weekend at the Lake. Matt’s parents have a lot on Tiger Lake on the Kitsap Peninsula and we are headed out there for hot dogs, fireworks, swimming and bonfires to celebrate the 4th. I was a maniac in the kitchen preparing yesterday. Muddy buddies, black bean corn salsa, pesto pasta salad and rhubarb bars are all ready to go. Now we just load up the mini cooper (that finally got washed this week!) and head to the ferry! Although we really need some rain, we are crossing our fingers that hot warm dry skies are here for the weekend.

A flurry of activity has been the norm around our house. This past weekend my parents visited with more family in tow. My grandpa even made it out for a visit! What a treat to show him our island and home! We explored the Point Robinson lighthouse and had a great family meal at home.

It meant a lot to see my Grandpa. Matt’s Grandpa passed away only a few weeks ago and appreciating grandparents is close to our hearts. We also learned that these two men were both born the same year, 1925. Also the same year our house was built.

So tonight we are getting pizza to celebrate our first year on Vashon, and officially being 1/20th of the way to being a local.


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