Stitch Fix Review: Box #3

After a spot on perfect fix last time I waited for the third with giddy anticipation. What would be in this fix? Would it be great too? I had requested the same stylist to do this one and was eager to see what she would find for me.

I opened the box and was immediately impressed with most of the pieces…good fabrics, good neutral colors and a pretty decent assortment, but they were not quite as inspiring as the previous fix. Turns out my Fix #2 stylist is no longer there (so sad!) so a new gal was trying out my look. Honestly it was still pretty good but I only kept one piece.


Here is the rundown:

Cynthia Graphic Print Mixed Materials Tank (Collective Concepts)

This top was ok. It actually really liked the fit and the fabric but could not get over the high neckline. Not my style, and especially for the price, it went back.


Juliano Twisted Shoulder Cowl Neck Top (Tart) pictured with jeans from Fix #2!

This top I actually really liked: fabric was good, color was good, but it was too pricy for what it was. It also went back but inspired me to look for something similar next time I shop.

Nanette Striped Lurex Detail Jacket (41 Hawthorn)

Now this jacket was a total fail. Honestly this one was out of left field. It was SO BAD! Cut horribly, granny fabric and really did not fit at all. Do I even need to say I did not keep this? Better luck next time.


June Polka Dot Skirt (Pomelo)

This was the gem in the fix: who doesn’t love a navy and white polka dot pencil skirt!? Although it was a little snugger than I usually wear, I am in post-grad school slim down mode and figured it was a good motivation piece. Also it was the cheapest piece in the fix AND actually fit my waist (skirts never seem to) so I kept it. Looking forward to wearing it this summer!


Celia Printed Maxi Dress (Tart)

Finally, the maxi dress. I LOVE maxis…especially ones made with a slinky, no-wrinkle hardy fabric. This dress was pretty, but not totally perfect. It was also expensive…so it went back.


All in all, this was still a good fix. After such a KILLER box #2 it was a tad disappointing, but I am excited to get the next one in the mail! Have you tried Stich Fix yet? I recommend it! Give it a try with my referral code below. And stay tuned for another review of Fix #4 later this summer.

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? I highly recommend it! If you do, please use my referral link 🙂


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