Texas Solstice

Once graduation passed (more on that in a coming post!) the only graduate school related thing I had left was a final trip to Houston. I took advantage of the ticket and extended my trip for a long weekend in Austin with my good friend Kelly!

Hot, humid and ugly were the only things I associated with Texas, so I also took advantage of my time by seeking out some prettier parts of Houston. I explored an old estate/museum called Bayou Bend in a beautiful old part of the city. I would have loved to wander more around the 14 acres of gardens but it was just too darn hot.

After a few nights in a super air-conditioned hotel (my throat hated it) and room service, I was ready to see some friends and be in a real house again. I stayed with some old family friends just outside of Houston for a night, and then trekked on to Austin. Mandatory rest stop: mint oreo blizzard at DQ.

Two days in Austin with Kelly was awesome! Austin was much more my style and speed, and we had a ball being friends outside of school! On Friday night we trekked down to San Antonio for another classmate’s graduation party (perfect timing!) and got to see a bit more of the state. If you have never been to a Buck-ee’s you are missing out on a Texas experience.

 MBA friends reunited in TEXAS!!

Buc-ee’s – epic truck stop

It was so fun to see a new place. Kelly and her husband recently bought a project house so we enjoyed talking about renovation ideas. And cruising cool little shops to find treasures. Trying on vintage dresses. Chasing her two cute kiddos. And eating well. And drinking way more than I usually do. I am not typically an afternoon drinker…like ever actually…but this trip stretched that experience. We spent Saturday exploring the Congress district and cooling off at a neat outdoor bar. Well, it caught up with me later when I had a middle-of-the-night hangover. Oh well, we had a ball!

Sunday we went out to breakfast, found the same orange van we saw the day before (and had to take another photo) and then prepared some salads for a World Cup party. I went to the party for 30 minutes and stared dreamily at their huge pool (it was still hot in case that was not obvious) but stayed dry and headed to the airport.

A speedy and sweet taxi driver got me to the ferry in record time and just made the ferry. Perfect timing! I was welcomed home with a stunning sunset and a husband who was very happy to see me. It is so good to be home!


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