It is hard to know what to say right now. The next four days are going to be a whirlwind of activity and emotion, but I want to engage all my energy to embrace it. It is taking all willpower to calm my nerves, thoughts and ideas and just be present in the moment.

Graduation started to get real last night as I packed my suitcase for a final weekend away at school. Sunshine was streaming through our bedroom door, a sweet reminder that class free summer was just days away, waiting. I sorted through my dresses, finding the right one to wear under my master’s graduation gown, and paused to run my fingers through my cap tassel.

This graduation thing is really here.

It has been quite a journey. The program itself was much like life: a mixed bag of good and bad, exceeding expectations and frustrations, challenges, good friends and acquaintances. Lots of work. And lots of opportunity for growth. Sure I got a lot of great educational value, and hey, and MBA on my resume! My #1 takeaway: I know and understand my personal values. AND I can visualize and articulate how my future and career revolve around those values. It feels more like wisdom than anything; something that gives me a solid grounding for years of decisions, challenges, and bumps ahead. I feel secure and unafraid of navigating an unknown future.

And I am so ready to start that future. Starting with this summer. We have reevaluated our house project priorities and decided to push off house painting till 2015. This summer is about the smaller jobs: chicken coop, building a car port, finishing the deck, garden, house painting prep (some small repair work too) and just spending time with our community. Sounds awesome.



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