Memorial Day Weekend at Home

We spent this one at home. Although it felt like a slow relaxing weekend we got a ton, and I mean a TON done on the house! Here is the list. And since I sliced two fingers with a knife the details will be short (typing is challenging).

  • Living room paint done
  • Outlets replaced
  • Light switches replaced
  • Trees limbed
  • Under the deck cleaned…wood moved, nails removed, raked and weeded
  • Garden half weeded
  • Planted more starts: celery, leeks and an heirloom French eggplant
  • Deep clean couch
  • Add anti-scratch foot pads to the couch
  • Put living room back together
  • Clean kitchen

And still found time to cook great dinners, sit in the hot tub, get tons of sleep and go to the farmers market! What a fantastic weekend. Having our house back feels beyond amazing. 



One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend at Home

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