The Island Life

It has been a gorgeous spring. Seriously…80 degree days already! My tomatoes are already BLOOMING! A good sign for actually harvesting some this year.

Our pace of life is shifting right now. Longer, sun filled evenings make us both more and less productive. We have projects to make progress on but laying in the back yard feels pretty good too! Fewer evening classes for me and less homework also makes the time feel different. Only 16 days till graduation!

Thursday brought a spectacular sunrise.

Our living room trim is painted so all that is left is the walls…and replacing all the switches and outlets. It is still beyond me who puts almond colored outlets in with white plates. White on white will help so much!

The garden is growing. Well, it is growing something. It is hard to tell if they are all just weeds or actually spouting seeds. Something keeps eating my baby peas.

Lets see, what else is new? We are actively planning life post-grad school. Summer currently has 9 weekends UNPLANNED and we are determined to keep them that way. Painting the house, building a chicken coop and gardening should be plenty to keep us occupied.

Travel is getting organized too! We have a surf trip to Oregon scheduled for September, and then we are off to Belize in January with my parents! 12 days of ruins, beaches and snorkeling! And bonus: we found tickets for less than $350 each round-trip! Score! The next plan: Todos Santos May 2015 with all the parents!

But for now, a long Memorial Day weekend at home. A new bakery is opening and we plan to finish the living room and put it back together. Life feels really good on the island. 


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